Excel AutoFilter Videos

Filter with secret toolbar buttons, what to do when the Status Bars shows Filter mode, and quickly find items in an Excel AutoFilter list

AutoFilter by Selection With Secret Toolbar Buttons

Add special buttons to the toolbar, to make filtering even easier. For written instructions, read the article on the Contextures blog: AutoFilter By Selection In Excel

AutoFilter Status Bar Shows Filter Mode

Sometimes when you apply an Excel AutoFilter, the Status Bar shows "Filter Mode" instead of showing the record count for the filtered data. This video explains why this occurs, and shows a couple of workaround solutions.

For written details, see Count of Filtered Records in Status Bar

Quickly Find Items in AutoFilter List

Use the Search box feature (Excel 2010 and later) in the AutoFilter drop down, to quickly filter items in a long list.

For written instructions, see the Contextures Blog article: New Search Feature in Excel 2010 AutoFilter

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