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Quick Excel Backup Tool

Get this free Excel Quick Backup Tool from Contextures. It makes backup copy in the current folder, and doesn't affect the active workbook. The file is in xlam format, so it's easy to install on your computer - no registration process.

Backup Free help tooltips

Quickly Save the Active File

Use the Backup Free add-in to quickly save a copy of your active file, in the current folder.

  • back up your changes, while you work
  • make backup copies as needed, to save multiple versions
  • you can even make a PDF copy of your workbook, if needed
  • does not save your active file -- just creates a separate backup file

Take a Peek Inside

Here's what you get with the Backup Free add-in -- a new command on the Review tab of the Excel Ribbon. The commands let you:

  • Make a quick backup
  • Make a PDF copy of the active workbook.
  • Go to the Contextures website, for Excel Tips, videos and free workbooks.

Backup Free Ribbon 01

Does Not Affect Active Workbook

Using the Backup Free add-in commands does not affect the active workbook.

  • A separate backup copy is created
  • The active workbook is not saved -- save it later, when you want to
  • The Undo stack is not cleared -- you can still undo your previous steps

undo stack is not cleared

Install and Use Backup Free

Contextures Backup Free comes with a "Get Started" guide, which shows you how the add-in works, and how to install it.

Also, while you're working in Excel, just point one of the commands, to see tips about what it does.

Backup Free help tooltips

Get the Backup Free Add-in

Note: You'll need Excel 2007 or later, and Windows only (not for Macintosh).

Click this link to download a copy of the Backup Free add-in. It's completely free, and no registration is required. The zipped folder contains:

  • the add-in file,which is in xlam format (Excel add-in)
  • a short Get Started guide in PDF forma, with the installation instructions for the add-in


NOTE: The Backup Free add-in is provided "as is", and the authors do not warrant that the add-in will meet your requirements or that the operation of the add-in will be error free. If you encounter an error, please notify ddalgleish@contextures.com




Last updated: July 22, 2023 12:29 PM