Beyond the Keyboard

After you spend all day working at the computer, it's nice to go beyond the keyboard, and explore other topics. Here are links to a few of the things that interest me, after my Excel work is done for the day.


I've made hundreds of Excel videos, so when I get a new gadget, sometimes I make a video about using it too. This FoodSaver video has been popular, for a few years now.

To see a few more of my gadget videos, go to the Gadget page on my Debra D's Blog.

There are more Foodsaver videos, plus Keurig, Instant Pot, and Roomba videos


Some nights, I don't look forward to cooking, but Excel makes things easier for me. That's because I plan a weekly menu in Excel, so I don't have to make dinner decisions every day.

I always love to look through cookbooks though, and have a fairly large collection, with many Canadian cookbooks. A few of our favourites are listed on my What's For Supper blog.

Here are some of the Canadian cookbooks in my collection. The covers look pretty good, but some of the pages inside are a bit spattered. It's easy to tell which recipes we enjoy!

weekly photo

My Other Sites

Business: See more behind the scenes details on my Debra D's Blog. I talk about other aspects of running an online business, and some of the tools that I use.

Cooking: When I find recipes that we enjoy, I post them on my What's For Supper blog. Every weekend, I create a meal plan too, for the upcoming week.

Spreadsheets: In 2010, I founded Spreadsheet Day, which we celebrate every year on October 17th. That's the date that VisiCalc was first released, in 1979.

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