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Debra's Top Excel Picks

Debra Dalgleish - Contextures

Here are my top picks for Excel courses, add-ins, and tools. See how to take your spreadsheet skills to a higher level, and get Excel tools that will save you time!

Note: This page contains affiliate links, and I will earn a small commission if you purchase a product through these links.

Excel courses, books and tools - Debra's list

Excel Dashboard Course

A great way to upgrade your Excel skills is with online video training, like Mynda Treacy's highly-rated Excel Dashboard Course.

Go at your own pace, and try the hands-on projects, to start building your own interactive Excel dashboards.

I've been through this excellent course, and highly recommend it! Watch a sample video tutorial at this link, to see if the course is right for you.

Excel Dashboard Course by Mynda Treacy

Excel Skills Courses

To upgrade your Excel skills quickly and efficiently, with expert guidance, check out Mynda Treacy's beginner and advanced Excel training.

  • Beginner: Mynda Treacy's Excel Skills course covers all the basics in Excel, and will get you up and running quickly.
  • Intermediate/Expert: After you've mastered the basics in Excel, enroll in Mynda Treacy's Excel Expert course. The lessons in this course will take you from Intermediate level, to Expert skills.

Excel Course Bundles

How can you go from your current Excel skills, to an Excel grand master? Enroll in the jam-packed Black Belt Excel online training package from Excel MVP, Leila Gharani.

Join over 400,000 other students who developed elite Excel skills, through Leila's step-by-step videos, quizzes, challenges and a helpful student community.

This is a large training bundle, with 6 of Leila's bestselling courses, plus 3 exclusive bonuses. To help you succeed, Leila guides you through the training with a clear learning path. You'll know exactly where to go next, every step along the way to your Excel Black Belt!

Black Belt Excel online training package learning path

Excel Macros Course

Another way to improve your Excel skills with through automation. Instead of doing repetitive tasks in Excel, create macros to quickly complete those tasks for you!

  • Macros: To get started, sign up for the free one-hour Macros & VBA Webinar from John Michaloudis. John shows how to record a macro, and set up a button to run that macro. The webinar runs a few times each year, so sign up to be notified for the next one!
Macros & VBA Webinar  from John Michaloudis

Excel Chart Tools

Create complex charts easily, with Jon Peltier's Chart Utilities. Make charts that aren't built into Excel, and make enhanced versions of built-in Excel charts, like Waterfall Chart and Box Plots. The tools also gives you enhanced chart formatting and data editing capabilities.

Jon Peltier's Chart Utilities

Excel Speed Tools

FastExcel is a set of Excel power tools, created by Excel calculation expert, Charles Williams. There are 3 major products in the FastExcel V4 family:

  1. Profiler helps you find and prioritize calculation and VBA bottlenecks
  2. FastExcel Manager helps you build, debug, and maintain Excel workbooks
  3. SpeedTools helps you speed up your Excel Calculations

FastExcel profiler

In this short demo video, I show how to use the one-click Drilldown command, which is an amazing tool! The Drilldown quickly made a profile of my workbook, and found the worst worksheets, and the worst formulas on those sheets.

Click here to buy FastExcel V4 products or bundles, or read my full review.

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Debra's Top Excel Picks

Excel courses, books and tools - Debra's list


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