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Excel Calorie Burn Calculator

Get this free Excel calorie burn calculator workbook. Select a weight range, choose a food item and an activity, and see how long it takes to burn those calories (approximately).

activity calories chart

Excel Calorie Burn Intro

Use the Excel calorie burn calculator workbook to see how long it takes to burn calories.k. Select a weight range, choose a food item and an activity, and the calculator will show you the estimated time, in minutes or hours.

WARNING: The Excel calorie burn calculator workbook does not provide medical advice or information.

  • The food and calorie burner data is provided as an example only.
  • Check package labels for accurate calorie counts.
  • Consult your physician for diet and exercise advice.

Food List

The calorie burn calculator workbook contains a list of food items, with a serving size, and the number of calories in that serving. This data comes from a booklet that you can download from the Health Canada (government) website.

The Food List is in a named Excel table, on the FoodList sheet, and you can add more items to this list.

Be sure to check package labels for accurate calore counts of any foods that you eat.

food calories list

Activities List

The calorie burn calculator workbook contains a chart of activity calories. The chart shows calories burned per minute, for six sample weights

This data came from a Virginia state government publication, that is no longer available. I can only find a very short list on that site now, at the following link


The Activities chart is in a named Excel table, on the Activities sheet, and you can add more items to this list. Your physician might be able to provide a list, and there are government lists at these links:

  • https://www.dhs.wisconsin.gov/publications/p4/p40109.pdf
  • https://www.wellness.ri.gov/rfw2013-2014/Calories%20Burned%20Flyer.pdf

activity calories chart

Weights List

In the Activity chart, there are weights in the headings for columns B:G, shown in pounds.

Your exact weight probably won't appear in those headings, so you'll use the weight that's closest to your actual weight.

NOTE: The weights are also listed in a named table on the Admin_Lists sheet. Do not change the weights in that list -- they have to match the headings in the Activities chart.

weights list

Calorie Burn Calculator

To use the Calorie Burn Calculator, go to the Calculator sheet.

  • First, select your approximate weight from the drop down list. There are only 6 weights in the list, so pick the closest one.

select an approximate weight

  • Next, select an activity from the drop down list

select an activity

In a cell to the right, a formula shows the calories burned per minute for that activity, based on your approximate weight.

calories burned per minutes

  • Next, select a food from the drop down list

select a food item

In a cell to the right, a formula shows the serving size for the selected food item.

serving size

  • Finally, enter the number of servings that you'll eat, using whole numbers, or decimals.

For example, if you plan to each 30 fries, and the serving size is 20-25 fries, enter 1.5 in the Servings cell

number of servings

In a cell to the right, formulas show calories per serving for the selected food item, and the total calories.

calories per serving and total calories

At the bottom of the calculator, you can see the amount of time, in hours and in minutes, that it will take to burn those calories, with the selected activity.

time required to burn calories

Calculator Formulas

On the Calculator sheet, there are formulas that pull data from the lookup tables, and calculate the calories and time to burn calories.

Calories Burned Per Minute

When you select an activity, the cell to the right finds the calories burned per minute, in the Activity chart.

=INDEX(ActivityLU, MATCH(D6,ActivityList,0), MATCH(D4,WeightList,0))

  • The INDEX function will return a value from the ActivityLU range. That's a named range which contains all the Calories Burned values, from the Activity list.
  • named range ActivityLU
  • The first MATCH function finds the table row that the Activity name is on, in the list of activity names.
  • The second MATCH function finds the table column that the weight is on, in the Activity table headings

Serving Size and Calories Per Serving

When you select a food item, the cell to the right finds the serving size, in the named range, FoodLU.

  • =VLOOKUP(D8,FoodLU,2,0)

Below that, another formula finds the Calories per Serving

  • =VLOOKUP(D8,FoodLU,3,0)

formulas with food lookups

The FoodLU range is based on the Food List table, without the heading cells. The serving size is pulled from column 2 in that named range, and the Calories are pulled from column 3..

Serving Size lookup

NOTE: You could also use and INDEX/MATCH formula for these lookups.

Total Calories

Below the Calories Per Serving, another formula calculates the total calories, by multiplying the number of servings by the calories per serving.

  • =F10*D10

Amount of Time to Burn Calories

Finally, at the bottom of the Calculator, formulas calculate the time to burn the calories.

This formula calculates the minutes:

  • =F12/F6

Then that number is divided by 60, to calculate the hours:

  • =C15/60

Serving Size lookup

Download the Workbook

Download the Calorie Burn Calculator workbook, and other related Excel workbooks, for health and fitness tracking

Calorie Burn Calculator Workbook
  • To calculate the calories in your food, and how long it takes to burn those calories in various activities, download the Calorie Burn Calculator Workbook. The zipped workbook is in xlsx format, and there are no macros in the file.
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