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Excel Data Topics on Contextures

Tips for Excel data entry, sorting, tables, sample data. Fix date problems, add or remove line breaks, avoid copy paste problems, troubleshoot, and more.

add line break in Excel formula result

Author: Debra Dalgleish

Excel Data Tutorials

These tutorials have tips and examples for working with data in Excel.

1 -- Troubleshoot -- If you import data into Excel, and try to format a column of dates, sometimes the dates will not change format. See how to fix Excel dates that won't change format, by using a built-in Excel tool, and a few simple steps.

2 -- Sorting -- Easy steps show how to sort an Excel list by row or column, and avoid painful mistakes. Also, how to sort multiple columns, rows, or sort in custom order.

3 -- Excel Tables -- Use Excel's Table command to convert a list of data into a named Excel Table. These tables have useful features, like sorting and filtering, to help you organize and view data.

4 -- Data Entry -- See how to fill cells that have been left blank, by copying the value from the first filled cell above the blanks

fill the blank cells manually

Excel Data Videos

Here's one of my most popular Excel data videos, and almost all of my Excel data tutorial pages include a video too.

In this video, watch the steps to manually select and fill blank cells, with the value from the cell above. Then, use a mouse shortcut to change the formulas to values, so you can safely sort and filter the data.

There are written steps and a sample file on the Excel Fill Blank Cells page.

Excel Data - Sample Files

Here are the download links for a couple of my latest Excel sample workbooks, on the Data topic, and most of the tutorial pages include a sample file too.

Line Breaks: Get the sample file for adding and removing line breaks, to follow along with the video on the Excel Line Breaks page. The zipped file is in xlsx format, and does not contain any macros.

Fill Blank Cells: To follow along with the Fill Blanks video, shown above, you can download the sample workbook. The Excel file is zipped, and contains macros, that let you quickly fill the blank cells.

More Workbooks: For even more sample files, go to the Excel Sample Files page, and scroll down to the Dashboards or Scenarios sections.



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