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Excel Formatting Topics on Contextures

Format worksheet cells manually, to identify data entry or formula cells. Or, use conditional formatting, to automatically highlight key values on a worksheet.

Author: Debra Dalgleish

Excel Formatting Tutorials

These tutorials show how use manual or conditional formatting in your workbooks.

1 -- Excel Conditional Formatting Examples -- Highlight expiry dates, lottery numbers, duplicates, high or low numbers. Hide errors, shade rows, and more helpful tricks.

2 -- Excel Conditional Formatting Intro Easy Steps Tips Examples -- Easy steps show how to use Excel conditional formatting to highlight cells automatically, based on rules you set. Examples, workbook, video, quick tips

3 -- Colour Entire Row Based on Cell Value -- Highlight entire row based on one cell value. Video, written steps, Excel file.

4 -- Excel Formatting Tips for Worksheet Cells -- Move Excel's color and border palettes to make formatting easier.

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Excel Formatting Videos

Here's one of my latest Excel formatting videos, and almost all of my Excel formatting tutorial pages include a video too.

This short video shows how how Excel can automatically round numbers with the General
format. There are written steps, and sample file on the Excel Rounding with Number Formats page.

Excel Formatting - Sample Files

Here are the download links for a couple of my latest Excel formatting sample workbooks, and most of the tutorial pages include a sample file too.

More Workbooks: For even more formatting sample files, go to the Excel Sample Files page, and scroll down to the Conditional Formatting section.


Canada and USA Flags -- Choose a country name from drop down list. Conditional formatting shows the flag for the selected country .
Excel File: Country Flag workbook (no macros)

CF0009 Halloween Pictures -- Click Spin Button to change eye colour in skull, and see worksheet message. Click check box to see scary or friendly pumpkin picture. Formulas change messages
Excel File:
Halloween Pumpkin workbook (no macros)



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