Favourite Free Excel Add-ins

Excel has some powerful features, but it's not perfect. To add to its capabilities, I use a few free add-ins that make Excel even better, and asked other people what free add-ins they use, and would recommend.

NOTE: After a recent Microsoft update, some Excel add-ins (mine and others) are not loading correctly. To show the add-ins, follow the instructions here.

Favourite Free Excel Add-ins

Here's a list of free Excel add-ins, and I and other Excel users recommend. Maybe you'll see a few add-ins that you can download and install, and make working in Excel a bit easier.

NOTE: Please read the terms of use for these utilities, before you install them. Some are free for personal use, but might require a licence for commercial use. Also, some free add-ins might be discontinued, or change to paid versions only. If any of these are no longer free, please let me know and I will remove them from the list.





Andrew Engwirda

Tools for working with code in the VBE
Andrew has other free tools, including Custom Lists and XL Help Files Maker

ASAP Utilities


Large collection of utilities


Jan Karel Pieterse

Copies open workbooks at regular intervals

Button Editor

Andy Pope

Edit button images

Excel Contact Tools Max Schmeling Save time when working with contact details (e.g. that of your co-workers) in the Active Directory. Open Source
Excel Essential Tools Max Schmeling Extends default functionality of Excel with more than 50 tools. Open Source


Bill Manville

Look for hidden links in a workbook


Jan Karel Pieterse

Search entire workbook, including buttons, etc.

FormulaDesk add-in


Formula tools, for Excel 2010 and later

MenuRighter Doug Glancy Excel addin that lets you modify right-click menus. See the video demo in the next section.

MZ Tools


Tools for working with VBA

Name Manager Jan Karel Pieterse Find names with errors and delete them, or track names that link to another workbook

Navigator Utilities


Navigate and audit workbooks

Pivot Power Free Contextures Tools for working with Pivot Tables

Thesaurus for Excel


Find words with similar meaning

XLG Favourites

Ken Puls

Manage list of favourite files

Video Demo: MenuRighter

For an easy way to customize the right-click menu, get a copy of Doug Glancy's free Excel tool, the MenuRighter Add-in.

To see the steps for adding a command to a right-click menu, by using the free MenuRighter add-in, watch this short video.

For more instructions, and to download the MenuRighter add-in, you can visit Doug Glancy's website: MenuRighter Add-in.

Excel Add-in Tips and Links

For more tips and links, go to my Excel add-ins page. Topics include:

  • how to install and use Excel add-ins
  • what to do if an Add-in tab doesn't appear after you install it
  • how to save your own Excel file as an add-in
  • time saving Excel add-ins available to buy

Thanks to Contributors

Thanks to everyone who contributed to the discussion:

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