Excel Golf Tee Off Times

Get this free Excel golf tee off times workbook, to choose player tee off times for golf tournaments, or for daily players at a golf course. Select a start time, choose 4 players, and click a button to add them to the schedule.

Golf Tee Off Times Intro

Use this workbook to set up the tee off times for your golf tournaments, or for daily players at a golf course. Drop down lists and macro buttons make this golf tee off times workbook easy to use.

First, you'll enter 2 details on the Summary sheet, and then complete these 3 steps:

  • Add Player Names
  • Add Tee Off Times
  • Set Player Tee Off Times

golf tee off times workbook

Watch this video to see how you can schedule player tee off times with the Golf Tee Off Times workbook. The video also shows how the formulas and macros work, if you're interested in learning about that.

Summary Sheet

To customize the Golf TeeOff Times workbook, the first quick step is to enter your tournament date, and the number of players, on the Summary sheet.

Note: The grey cells have formulas, so don't type anything in those cells.

Summary sheet

If the workbook has been used before, and you want to start fresh for a new tournament, click the Clear Bookings button, to remove player names from the TeeOffTimes sheet.

clear bookings button

Enter Player Names

The next step is to enter your player names on the PlayerList sheet. That sheet has an Excel table with placeholder names -- Name01, Name02, etc.

  • Type over those placeholder names, to replace them with your player names.
  • Then, delete any rows that you don't need, or add more rows to the table, if necessary.
  • Optional - Sort the names A-Z, so they're easier to find

Note: There are formulas in the "Booked" and "Time" column, so don't make changes there.

fill in player names

Enter Tee Off Times

Next, go to the TeeOffTimes sheet, where there is an Excel table with a list of tee off times entered, and 4 columns for player names. A macro will fill in the player names for you later.

The tournament date (from the Summary sheet), appears at the top of this sheet.

tee off times

Edit the Tee Off Times

You can use the Tee Off Times list as it is, or type different times in the Times column.

Note: Do NOT enter duplicate tee off times - each time must be listed only once, or the macro that adds the player names to this sheet won't work correctly.

Add More Tee Off Times

If you need more tee off times, follow these steps to add them:

  • Click in the blank cell, directly below the last time entered in the table
  • Type the next starting time, and press Enter
  • The table will expand automatically, and a number will appear in the first column
  • Next, check cell G1, to see if there is a message about adding more Time IDs.
  • add more Time IDs link

  • If you see a message, click the link, to go to the Admin_Times sheet

On the Admin_Times sheet, follow these steps to add the new TimeIDs:

  • Check the yellow cell (E3) at the top of the sheet - it shows the number of new TimeIDs needed
  • Click in the empty cell, directly below the last TimeID in the list
  • Type the next number in sequence, and press Enter
  • add new TimeIDs

  • The table will expand automatically, and the formula in the TimeCalc column will automatically fill in.
  • Repeat these steps, if necessary, until cell E3 shows a zero, and changes to grey fill
  • cell E3 shows zero

Set Player Tee Off Times

The final step is to assign players to a tee off time.

  • On the PlayerList sheet, select a Tee Off Time from the drop down list. Only the available times show up in this drop down - booked times are hidden.
  • select tee off time

  • In the list of players, type an X or x in the Mark column, beside each player you want to assign to that tee off time. If you try to mark more than 4 names, an error message will appear.
  • Click the Book Times button, to add those players to the TeeOffTimes sheet, at the selected time.
  • click the Book Times button

After a player is assigned to a tee off time, their row in the Players list changes, like the Toni W row in the screen shot below:

  • Fill colour in Mark column changes to white
  • "Y" appears in the Booked column
  • Player's tee off time appears in the Time column
  • player list with assigned players

How It Works

The Excel Golf Tee Off Times workbook uses formulas and macros to assign selected players to their tee off times.


There are 2 macros in the workbook, and they run when you click the buttons on the worksheets.


This macro clears all the player names from the table on the TeeOffTimes sheet. To run the macro, click "Clear Bookings" on the Summary sheet or click "Clear Names" on the TeeOffTimes sheet.


This macro puts the selected player names onto the table on the TeeOffTimes sheet, at the selected time. The macros stops, if you haven't selected a tee off time.

  • Otherwise, the names marked with an X are filtered onto the Admin_Macro sheet. The Advanced Filter uses the criteria on that sheet, in cells H1:H2
  • Then the list is copied, and pasted horizontally in cells L2:O2 (named NamesTrans).
  • Next, the horizontal list is pasted on the the TeeOff Times sheet
  • Finally, the Tee Time cell on the PlayerList sheet is cleared

names on Admin_Macro sheet


There are formulas on most of the worksheets, and here is a brief look at what the formulas do.


There is a formula in the first column (Open), to number the tee off times that have NOT been booked.

  • =IF(COUNTA(tblTOT[@[Player1]:[Player4]]), "", MAX($A$3:A4)+1)

The formula counts the entries in the Player columns, and

  • if the count is zero, the result is an empty string -- ""
  • ff the count is > zero, it finds the highest number in cells above,and the result is that number plus one -- MAX($A$3:A4)+1

tee off times

Those numbers are used on the Admin_Times sheet, to create a list for the Tee Off Time drop down.


The Admin_Times sheet has a table with Time IDs. In the TimeCalc column, a formula gets the tee off time for each ID, from the TeeOffTimes list.

  • =IF(B2>MAX(TimesCount),"", INDEX(TimesFill, MATCH(B2,TimesCount,1)))

tee off times

Time IDs are manually entered in the TimeID column, and there must be one ID for each tee off time on the TeeOffTimes sheet. There are simple formulas in cells E1:E3, to check if the numbers are the same. If not, cell E3 changes to yellow fill, with conditional formatting.

time id check formulas

Drop Down List of Times

Only the tee off times with numbers will appear in the Tee Off Times drop down list on the PlayersList sheet. In this example, 8:00 AM and 8:30 AM are booked, so they're not in the drop down list.

drop down list of times

That list is created with data validation, and the list based on a named range = TimeList. It is a dynamic range, and only includes the rows with times in the TimeCalc column.

To see the formula for the TimeList named range, go to the Formulas tab, and click Name Manager, then click on TimeList.

  • =Admin_Times!$C$2:INDEX(tblTimeCalcs[TimeCalc], MAX(tblTOT[Open]))

dynamic named range


The PlayerList sheet has two columns with formulas - Booked and Time

PlayerList formulas


Shows a Y if the player's name is in the TeeOffTimes sheet. The COUNTIF function checks for the name.

  • =IF(COUNTIF(TimesBooked,E4),"Y","")

Shows the player's tee off time, from the TeeOffTimes sheet. This complex formula is array-entered, with Ctrl-Shift-Enter

  • =IFERROR(INDEX(TimesFill, MATCH(1, MMULT(--(TimesBooked=E4), TRANSPOSE(COLUMN(TimesBooked)^0)), 0)),"")


The Summary sheet has several simple formulas, in the grey cells, to count the players and times.

At a glance, you can see if all the players have been booked to tee off times, and if enough tee off times have been entered in the workbook.

Summary sheet formulas

Download the Workbook

Download the zipped Golf Tee Off Times workbook. The file is in xlsm format, and contains macros. When you open the workbook, enable macros if you want to test the Golf Tee Off Times workbook

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Excel Golf Tee Off Times Workbook

Excel Golf Tee Off Times Workbook

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