Excel for Mac Resources

Where to find Excel for Mac tips, written and video tutorials, and other recommended resources for using Excel on your Macintosh computer.

The first version of Excel that I used was on a Macintosh, and later I moved to the Windows versions. In the photo below, you can the Mac PowerBook 170 laptop that we still have, and it still works! In the photo, it's running the Mac version of Excel 3.0, it was last modified in April 1987.

Apple Macintosh PowerBook

Excel for Mac Tips

Shortcuts: Some of the keyboard shortcuts that are posted for the Windows version of Excel won't work on a Mac. There is a list of Excel for Mac shortcuts on the Microsoft website.

Excel 2016 Tips: The Excel team at Microsoft posted a list of tips and tricks for Excel 2016 for Mac. There are new functions, additional shortcuts, Pivot Table slicers, and more.

Excel for Mac Macros

Excel Macros: Sample macros that work in Excel for Mac, on Ron de Bruin's website. For example, send mail from Excel, work with files and folders, and macros for pictures and charts.

Macro Problems: Some macros that were written for the Windows version of Excel don't run correctly, or don't run at all, in Excel for Mac. Ron de Bruin has a page with a list of known Excel for Mac macro problems, where things won't work on a Mac

Excel for Mac Tutorials

Barnard College: There are many Excel for Mac tutorials on the Barnard College website. Learn the basics, then move on to Charts and Functions.

Hampshire College: You'll find Excel for Mac videos on the Hampshire College website, including Excel basic skills, pivot tables, creating charts and crunching data.

University of Hartford: Professor Lee Townsend has several Excel workbooks that she has tested on both Mac and Windows systems. For example, she shows how to create dependent Form Control combo boxes, because ActiveX combo boxes aren't available in Excel for Mac. Take a look at Professor Townsend's sample workbooks. (Note: No longer available)

Excel for Mac Other Resources

Excel for Mac Help: The Microsoft Help page for Excel 2016 for Mac has links to videos and written tutorials.

Help Forums: There is an Excel for Mac forum on the Microsoft site, where you can ask questions, and get advice from the experts there:

Excel for Mac Suggestions: If you have suggestions for improving Excel for Mac, add them on the Excel for Mac User Voice page. The Microsoft Excel team participates there, and the user votes have an impact on Excel updates.



Last updated: March 22, 2023 12:02 PM