What's New in Microsoft Excel

Here is the latest news about Microsoft Excel, and updates on the Contextures website and blogs.

New on Contextures

Compare Lists: Compare two Excel lists, to find new items in second list, and add them to first list. June 20, 2022

Contextures Blog: How to find product price with Excel VLOOKUP and MATCH, for quantity ordered. June 16, 2022

Pivot Table Blog: Quick and easy steps to make a clustered stacked pivot chart in #Excel. Video and sample file. June 8, 2022

Debra D Blog: Use bookmarks and shortcut keys for quick navigation in Notepad++ file. June 6, 2022

Excel - What's New

To see the latest features and fixes in Excel, go to these pages on the Microsoft site and YouTube.

Microsoft 365 Apps: For the Monthly Enterprise Channel, go to this page for a list of new features and fixes in the latest versions.

Microsoft 365: To see new features demonstrated, go to the Microsoft 365 YouTube Channel. Look for the monthly videos on "What's New".

Excel Improvements: Excel users are encouraged to post improvement suggestions on Microsoft's Excel UserVoice website. To see the completed items from that list, go to this filtered list. There's also a list in this Excel Tech Community article, which is frequently updated.

Office Updates: For a list of all Office updates, going back to 2010, and other Microsoft resources, visit the Office Updates page. There is a Download PDF link, at the bottom left corner on that page.

New Contextures Video

Watch this short video to see how to find a product price with VLOOKUP and MATCH, based on the product name, and quantity ordered

See the details, and get the sample workbook on the Excel VLOOKUP Examples page.

Previous News

Status Bar Tips: Use Excel Status Bar info to troubleshoot problems, and get key information. For macros, show custom messages with macro progress updates. June 8, 2022

Contextures Blog: How to count duplicate number sets with Excel formulas, using Excel 365 spill functions. June 2, 2022

Debra D Blog: How to fix mouse double click problem in Microsoft Access, get it working again. May 30, 2022

Contextures Blog: How to show hidden data in Excel chart or Excel sparklines. Change chart setting manually or with macro. May 19, 2022

Basic UserForm - Videos: Step-by-step videos show how to make basic Excel UserForm with text boxes for data entry. May 16, 2022

Pivot Table Blog: Why does pivot table show duplicate numbers? How to fix the problem. May 11, 2022

FILTER Function Reports: See how to create multi-column summary reports, using Excel FILTER Function (Excel 365). May 7, 2022

Contextures Blog: Take a break from your work, and use Excel to stream web radio. May 5, 2022

Debra D Blog: How to fix avi format videos that have audio and black screen, with Video Editor in Microsoft Photos program. Apr 24, 2022

Contextures Blog: See warning if Excel worksheet sheet has hidden rows or columns, and steps show how to fix them. Apr 21, 2022

Compare Cells: How to compare cell values in Excel. Find exact match, or partial match and percentage. Apr 12, 2022

Contextures Blog: How to calculate Easter dates in Excel with worksheet formulas or User Defined Functions. Apr 7, 2022

Pivot Table Blog: Help Excel pivot table macros run faster by preventing automatic updates. Apr 6, 2022

Excel Charts: How to show hidden data in Excel chart or Excel sparklines. Change chart setting manually or with macro. Mar 15, 2022

Contextures Blog: Fill blank Excel cells so you can sort and filter data safely. Hide dups with formatting. Mar 10, 2022

Highlight Weekends: How to highlight weekend data in Excel pivot table with conditional formatting. Fix rule settings to avoid problems. Mar 2, 2022

Contextures Blog: Quick Excel trick to move through data entry cells spread out on worksheet. Feb 24, 2022

Contextures Blog: New Excel sample data for you to use for testing or training - winter athlete data. Feb 10, 2022

Pivot Table Blog: Use this Excel dashboard to check all pivot table filters before sending reports. Feb 2, 2022

Debra D Blog: With Large Text (55% +) setting on iPad, press Date or Time for pop-up zoom. Jan 31, 2022

Contextures Blog: Find Nth weekday in specific month and year, with Excel WORKDAY.INTL function. Jan 27, 2022

Excel Printing: How to create an Excel report diagnostic display to check filter settings before printing. Jan 27, 2022

Working Days: How to calculate project dates or upcoming workdays in Excel with WORKDAY function and WORKDAY.INTL function. Jan 17, 2022

Debra D Blog: How to Check Email Internet Headers in Microsoft Outlook, without opening the message. Jan 16, 2022

Contextures Blog: Have fun with a Word Cloud in Excel. Jan 13, 2022

Pivot Table Blog: Stop automatic GetPivotData formulas when you click on an Excel pivot table cell. Jan 12, 2022

Copy & Paste Problems: How to fix Excel copy & paste problems for multiple selections error, or formulas changed to values. Dec 27, 2021

Contextures Blog: Compare sales numbers with Excel pivot table's % Running Total calculation. How many top products make up 60% of total sales? Dec 9, 2021

Contextures Blog: How to fix an Excel table that doesn't expand automatically for new data. Nov 25, 2021

Contextures Blog: Send Excel data to different sheets, based on criteria, no macros! Nov 11, 2021

Contextures Blog: Choose random names from an Excel list. Or pick scary movies to watch this Halloween weekend! Formulas, no macros. Oct 28, 2021

Cluster Stack Pivot Chart: See how to create a Cluster Stack Pivot Chart from a pivot table. Use named Excel table or see how to unpivot data with Power Query. Sept 27, 2021

Remove Duplicates: Simple steps to remove duplicate items from Excel list. Fix problem when duplicates numbers not all removed. Sept 16, 2021

Contextures Blog: Three ways to create a clustered stacked chart in Excel. Sept 16, 2021

Conditional Formatting: Fix Excel conditional formatting problems when extra rules are automatically created. Manual or macro clean up. Sept 9, 2021

Contextures Blog: Choose golf tee off time and assign players in Excel. Partially filled time slots can be completed later. Sept 2, 2021

Spreadsheet Day Blog: Charts, orcas, pivot tables and more, in the latest spreadsheet roundup. Aug 31, 2021

Contextures Blog: Hide used items in Excel 365 drop down list, to prevent duplicate entries. Aug 26, 2021

Contextures Blog: Diving into the new Power Query book, and Excel Query pane problems. Aug 5, 2021

Pivot Table Blog: Save time-stamped backup copies of Excel files while you work with free add-in. August 4, 2021

What's New in Microsoft Excel

What's New in Microsoft Excel


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