FastExcel Review

FastExcel is a set of Excel power tools, for Excel power users. These tools help you manage your Excel files, and find and fix calculation problems, to make your workbooks smaller and faster.

NOTE: This review has been updated for the latest version - FastExcel V4

FastExcel Calculation Manager

FastExcel Intro & Video

FastExcel is a set of Excel power tools, for Excel power users.

In this short demo video, you'll the new one-click Drilldown command -- it's amazing! The Drilldown quickly made a profile of my workbook, and found the worst worksheets, and the worst formulas on those sheets.

Is FastExcel For You?

Thanks to Excel calculation expert, Charles Williams, who sent me a copy of FastExcel V4, so that I could test the FastExcel tools, and share my review with you.

This product is definitely not for everyone, but you might be one of the Excel power users who can benefit from using the FastExcel tools in your Excel workbooks.

FastExcel profiler

Here are some key benefits of FastExcel tools:

  • help make your Excel files calculate faster
  • pinpoints calculation problems
  • solve speed issues
  • manage your workbooks

Do any of these problems sound familiar? How much time do you waste, trying to fix these problems?

  • Are your workbooks suffering from file bloat?
  • Are your lookups or array formulae or UDFs running slowly?
  • Are you using multi-threading efficiently?
  • Have you got a formulae blockage or a memory usage problem?

For Power Users

If you deal with those problems, then I recommend FastExcel as a tool that can help you spot the problems, and find ways to fix them.

FastExcel is a complex package, and you'll want to invest some time in learning about its tools, to get the most out of this tool package. That time investment quickly pays off though, in the hours saved in troubleshooting, and reduced calculation times in your Excel files.

Not For Casual Excel Users

FastExcel is not for everyone though. You don't need FastExcel if:

  • you're a casual Excel user
  • you only create simple Excel files
  • you don't have problems with calculation speed in your workbooks

FastExcel to Fix Problems

Most slow-running Excel files have a few problem areas (bottlenecks) that need to be fixed. In large workbooks, you can waste hours looking for those bottlenecks, and trying to fix them.

To help you save time, FastExcel gives you powerful tools to deal with those bottlenecks.

  • Drill down and locate memory and calculation bottlenecks.
  • Understand and debug complex formulas more easily
  • Solve calculation and memory problems.
  • Build efficient spreadsheets.
  • Manage your workbook names, styles, formats and worksheets
  • Compare alternative Excel formulas
  • And much more

FastExcel Profiler

The Profiler has tools that help you find and prioritize any calculation bottlenecks in a workbook. If you're tired of waiting for Excel to calculate, the Profiler tools can help you identify the reasons for the slow calculation.

The Profiler has tools in 3 categories

  • Calculation Profiler
  • VBA Profiler
  • Calculation Manager

The new DrillDown Profiler is my favourite tool on this tab!

FastExcel calculation profiler

FastExcel vba profiler

FastExcel Calculation Manager

FastExcel Manager

FastExcel Manager has tools to help you build, debug and maintain your Excel workbooks.

FastExcel Manager

The Manager contains the following tools:

  • Clean Workbook - Trim down any excess bloat in your workbooks
  • Formula Explorer - Edit / debug / explorer worksheet formulas
  • Name Manager Pro - an invaluable tool for managing Defined Names and Tables
  • Sheet Manager - Easily manage and manipulate worksheets.
  • Map Styles, Names - See where your Defined Names, Number Formats and Styles are being used
  • Memory and Versions - Information about virtual memory and Excel/Windows versions

Here's a screen shot of the Formula Explorer - it makes formula editing much easier!

FastExcel Manager

FastExcel SpeedTools

The SpeedTools product has tools and functions to help you speed up your Excel calculations. For example:

  • Only calculate the active workbook
  • Mix Automatic and Manual calculation by worksheet.
  • Control Workbook Open calculation methods.
  • Eliminate Lookup, Sumif and Array calculation bottlenecks

Here is a screen shot of the commands on the SpeedTools tab.

FastExcel SpeedTools Calc

FastExcel Help

The FastExcel V4 bundle comes with a detailed User Guide, in a PDF file, to see how to get started.

There's also a FastExcel Help feature built in to the tabs, so you can quickly find what you need.

FastExcel help

Buying FastExcel Products

You can buy individual licences for FastExcel V4 products, or save money by purchasing a bundle of licences.

This table shows what is in the FastExcel bundle, so you can decide which products or bundle to buy. Click here to buy FastExcel V4 products or bundles

fast excel pricing


  • FastExcel V4 Bundle: contains all the FastExcel products -- this is the best value

Individual Products

  • FastExcel Profiler
  • FastExcel Manager
  • SpeedTools

Click here to buy FastExcel V4 products or bundles

FastExcel addin

FastExcel addin



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