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From January 17, 2012 to November 30, 2021, Contextures published an Excel newsletter, filled with Excel shortcuts, function examples, pivot table tips, dashboard ideas, time-saving macros, and much more.

The newsletters also had links to useful Excel articles on other websites, to help you keep up to date with the latest spreadsheet news.

If you're looking for previous newsletter articles, check the interactive list of articles, shown below. You can sort any column, by clicking on its heading. Or, use the Search box above the list, to find specific articles.

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20211130 10 Years of Tips; Interactive Filter; Quick Tip - Flash Fill; Keep in Touch; These are Frying Times Spill functions; Advanced filter; Slicers; Macros; Flash Fill; Formulas; Data validation Final Issue; Newsletter index; FILTER function; Choose criteria; SORT function; UNIQUE function; Split first and last names; Split addresses; 7-in-one kitchen appliance
20211116 Flexible Formula; Every 3rd Item; Excel Features; Pivot Table Fun; Charts; Read the Manual Functions; Formulas; Excel Features; Pivot Tables; Charts RANK function; OFFSET function; FILTER function; ROW function; Jon Acampora; Book Riot; Jon Peltier; Robot vacuum
20211102 Quick Tip: Formatting; Advanced Filter Magic; Spreadsheet Review; Excel Games; Spreadsheet History; Future Excel Expert Mouse Shortcuts; Keyboard Shortcuts; Advanced Filter; Macros; Workbook Tips Fill Formatting Only; Send Data to Different Sheet; ICAEW; Review a Spreadsheet; Spreadsheet Principles; Robert Gascon; Chess Game Viewer; Andrew Moss
20211019 Excel Checklist; Convert Measurements; Spreadsheet Day; Excel Functions; Data Cleaning Workbook tips; Excel functions; Excel history; Data analysis Matthew Kuo; Inspect Workbook; Bill Manville; Find Links; Comment macros; CONVERT function; Recipe calculator; Tiller site; Martin K; Data cleaning macros
20211005 Compare Years, Add Blank Rows; Spreadsheet Day; Excel Conference; Formulas; Safety First Excel chart; Pivot Table; Data Entry; Spreadsheet Day; Functions; Excel History Line Chart; Clustered Stacked Chart; Insert Blank Rows; Excel Virtually Global; Morning Brew; Fire Extinguisher; Excel history
20210921 Duplicate Numbers; Excel Blogs; New Excel Features; Formula Problems; 20 Years Remove Duplicates; Functions; Excel Blogs; Microsoft MVP Award Duplicates left in list; EXACT function; Worksheet XML file; Floating point precision; Planning Skills site; Browser bookmark; Mynda Treacy; Joseph Burton; Excel forums
20210907 Hide Used Items; Assign Players; Excel Resources; Formulas; Canadian Mystery Data Validation; Excel Functions; Excel videos; Excel Blogs Drop down list; SORT function; FILTER function; Golf schedule; Excel YouTube; Excel blogs; Hjalmar Gislason; Excel grid; Mystery writer Louise Penny
20210810 Power Query Problem; Zoom In; Merge or Not; Dashboards; Stargazers Power Query; Worksheet Tips; Dashboards; Merge Cells; Data Validation Ken Puls; Miguel Escobar; Master Your Data book; Queries and Connections pane; Zoom to Selection; Color Selector; Merge Cells; Jon Acampora; Mynda Treacy; Lilies
20210727 Drop Down Blanks; Microsoft Survey; Data Analysis; Add-ins; Celebration Data Validation; Programming; Data Analysis; Add-ins Drop down troubleshooting; User Defined Functions (UDFs); Excel Add-ins; Day of Data; Orcas; Jan Karel Pieterse; 90th birthday
20210713 Header Font Size; Office Scripts; Power BI; Movies; Garden Gold Page Layout; Automation; Power BI Headers and footers; Font size; Office Scripts; Jan Karel Pieterse; Matt Allington; Excelerator BI; Babe movie; Tomatoes
20210629 Rolling Totals; Power BI; Excel Battle; Spreadsheets; Strange Combo Excel Functions; Power BI; Spreadsheets SUMIF function; EOMONTH function; Jordan Goldmeier; Excel TV; Power BI dashboard; Chris Matyszezyk; Excel alternatives; Beer and cheese tasting
20210615 Date Range Totals; New or Old; Excel Battle; Secret Features; Garden Hearts Functions; Pivot Tables; Sorting; Excel Versions SUMIFS function; Date range; Pivot table sorting; Financial modelling; DATEDIF function; Google sheets; Bleeding hearts
20210601 Auto or Manual Calc; Workbook Stats; Saving Time; Power BI; Snow Calculation Mode; Gridline Colour; Macros; Status Bar; Power BI Calculation mode macro; UniMord; Workbook statistics; US airbase Kuwait; Macro time saving; Matt Allington; Chris Webb; May snow
20210518 Double-Sorted List; Custom Number Format; Dashboard; Excel Weekend; Garden Plans Data Validation; Spill Functions; Formatting; Dashboards; Excel Events SORTBY function; MAXIFS function; Spill functions; Latest used items at top; Drop down list; Custom number format; Inch mark; Unicode; Dr. Markus Kuhn; Chandoo
20210504 Fix MATCH Errors; Functions; Office Scripts; Excel Plans; Fridge Bins Excel errors; Excel functions; Office Scripts; Programming; Excel roadmap Text numbers; Double unary; Norm Harker; Game of Life; Brian Jones; Forward Thinking CFO podcast; Real Life Organizing; Cassandra Aarssen
20210420 Reverse Names with MID; Power Query; Challenges; Excel; Spring Sky Functions; Power Query; Challenges MID function; FIND function; LEN function; Reverse names; Jon Acampora; Bill Jelen; Explain Excel; April snow
20210406 Currency Format; Hide Used Items; Charts; Programming; Excel Challenge; Spring (Not) Cleaning Conditional Formatting; Data Validation; Charts; Macros; Functions Conditional formatting currency; Drop down lists; FILTER function; Carsten Sandtner; Analyst Cave; Robert Gascon
20210323 Pivot Chart Number Format; Formula Troubleshooting; Charts; Excel Tools; Celebrations Pivot Tables; Number Formatting; Functions; Charts; Excel Add-ins Pivot Chart; Axis Format; Trace Precedents; Audit Formulas; Dermot Balson; Formula Cell Colour Code macro; Jon Peltier; Sketchplanations; Jan Karel Pieterse; GitHub VBA Exporter; Daylight Saving Time
20210309 Formula Wildcards; IF Function; Power BI; Microsoft; Challenge; Lotus 1-2-3 Wildcards; Excel Functions; Power BI; Spreadsheets AVERAGEIF function; Wildcards; IF function; Nested IFs; Power BI; IEACW; Simon Hurst; Spreadsheet Knowledge Base; Matt Allington; Reddit AMA; Robert Gascon
20210223 Hyperlinks Oddity; Line Breaks; Charts; Microsoft; Challenge; Bird Feeder Hyperlinks; Macros; Data Entry; Find and Replace; Shortcuts; Charts; Formulas Text to Display; Alt+Enter; Ctrl+J; Kaiser Fung; Excel Reddit AMA; Robert Gascon; Cardinal
20210209 Comments Macro; Mouse Wheel; Functions; Challenge; Dashboards; Scottish Summit; Office Shelves Comments; Programming; Excel Tips; Dashboards Threaded Comments; Microsoft Word; Mouse Shortcuts; LAMBDA function; Analyst Cave; Mike James; Excel Hash; Jon Acampora; Mynda Treacy; Microsoft 365; Weekly Meal Planner
20210126 TEXTJOIN Line Breaks; Drop Down Trick; Excel Tips; XLOOKUP; Big Font Keyboard Functions; Data Validation; Excel Tips TEXTJOIN function; FILTER function; Line breaks; Drop down lists; Susan Harkins; big font keyboard
20210112 Quick Division; Data Bars; Charts; Tables; City Streets Data Entry; Conditional Formatting; Charts; Excel Tables Paste Special; Pivot Table Data Bars; Junk Charts; Kaiser Fung; Jon Acampora; Table Tips; City Roads Github
20201215 Count Words; Spell Check Problem; Excel VBA; New Function; Zoom Christmas Functions; Data Entry; Excel Training; New Functions Google Sheets SPLIT function; LEN function; SUBSTITUTE; FILTERXML; Spell Check; Excel Options; Charlie Nuttelman; Coursera; LAMBDA; Taskmaster; Gingerbread house
20201201 Holiday Excel; Troubleshooting; YouTube; Spreadsheets; Record Snow Holiday templates; Count Functions; Excel videos; Excel training Holiday planner; Advent calendar; Christmas tree; Formula challenge; YouTube search; University of York; Excel guides; Google Sheets guides
20201117 Show Difference; Custom Questions; Charts; Data Viz; Beer and Cheese Pivot Tables; Conditional Formatting; Charts; Data Viz Custom Calculations; Show Values As; Difference From; Hidden questions; Jon Peltier; Chandoo; Stonehooking; Gurth Pretty
20201103 MIN and MAX Criteria; Filter Time Saver; Dashboards; Power Query; November Functions; Filters; Dashboards; Power Query MINIFS function; MAXIFS function; AutoFilter; Quick Access Toolbar (QAT); Mynda Treacy; Dashboards; Erik Svensen; Power Query
20201020 Spill Formulas, Running Total Problem; Spreadsheet Day; Excel Tips; Spreadsheet Risks; Formulas; Ready for Winter Functions; Spreadsheets; Excel Tips Dermot Balson; Dynamic arrays; Excel Tables; Toronto Excel User Group; Rob Collie; Jon Acampora; ICAEW; David Lyford-Smith; Kevin Lehrbass; weighted blanket; masks
20201006 Excel Looks Strange; Project Tasks; Excel Tips; Dashboards; Good Start Excel Options; Data Validation; Dashboards Missing scroll bars; Optimize for Compatibility; Project Task Tracker; Eric Griffith; Kelly L. Williams; Rainbows; Spreadsheet Day
20200922 Dynamic Lists - FILTER; Check Box Trick; Spreadsheets; Ignite 2020; Fall Colours Functions; Check Boxes; Macros; Spreadsheets; Conferences Spill functions; SORT function; UNIQUE function; FILTER function; Check box macro; Toronto Excel User Group; Spreadsheet Day; Microsoft Ignite; Yew tree
20200908 Compact Hyperlink Buttons; TEXTJOIN Examples; Checklist; Navigation; Fall Lilacs Hyperlinks; Shapes; Functions; Charts; Comments AlexJ; Worksheet buttons; CONCATENATE; TEXT function; Robert Mundigl; Lilacs
20200825 Table Drop Downs; Formula Tricks; Learning; Power BI; Land Shark Data Validation; Functions; Data Science; Data Viz Dynamic array functions; dependent drop downs; Function arguments; Gordon Shotwell; Grace Teoh; Dog life jacket; Saturday Night Live
20200811 Slicer Groups; Date Problems; Excel Dashboards; Programming; Resources; New Laptop Pivot Tables; Data Entry; Dashboards; Macros; Excel Training; Excel Options Pivot Table values; Gene codes; Text Import Wizard; Mynda Treacy; University of Colorado; Dalhousie University; Ribbon Customization; Excel settings
20200728 Multi-Criteria Lookup; Pivot Table Trick; Hard Work; Documentation; Stormy Day Excel functions; Pivot Tables; Programming; Technical Writing Product code formula challenge; FILTER; INDEX/MATCH; Pivot Table shortcuts; Field Settings; Mark Lacey; Sandy Maguire; Tornado
20200714 Where's Workspace; Hide or Show Errors; Data Viz; Charts; Early Harvest Macros; Workbook Tips; Conditional Formatting; Formulas; Data Viz; Charts Discontinued features; Excel Workspace; List open workbooks; Multiplication practice; Highlight errors; Sara DeLong; Style guides; Jon Schwabish; Fireworks chart; Tomatoes
20200630 Date Challenge; Show Your Name; Product Update; Dashboards; Music; Phase Two Functions; Excel Options; Excel Products; Dashboards; Macros Date Functions; TEXT function; UniMord; User Name; Microsoft Word; Insert Note; UserForms for Data Entry; Spencer Baucke; David Napoli; Dylan Tallchief; Kottke
20200616 Day 44000; Choose Names; Power BI; Charts; Tumbling Tom Excel Dates; Macros; Excel Functions; Power BI; Charts Excel date system; Excel milestones; INDEX/MATCH; Golf tee off times; Power BI Global Virtual Converence; Robert Mundigl; Tomato plants
20200602 Excel Names; Table Problem; Security; Formulas; Procrastibaking Defined names; Excel Tables; Formulas; Excel Macros; Security List all names; See range names; Table references in formulas; Copy formulas; Excel 4 macros; XLOOKUP; Chandoo; Breakfast cookies
20200519 Sort Fiscal Months; Fractions; Excel Tips; Dashboard; Flowers and Penguins Functions; Number Formats; Excel Training; Dashboards Fiscal year, quarter, month; CHOOSE; TEXT; Number format; SUBSTITUTE; University of Edinburgh; Ingeborg Hawighorst; Power BI; Origami
20200512 Validation Troubleshooting; Excel Courses; Colour Banding; Mouse Wheel; Clean Your Data; Fancy Slicers; Sprouts Data Validation; Excel Training; Conditional Formatting; Excel Shortucts; Data Cleansing; Slicers Sheet details macro; List all data validation rules; Excel Tools add-in; Mynda Treacy; Excel MVPs; Jon Peltier; Investintech; Mike Alexander; Chick pea sprouts; Victoria Day
20200505 Colour Banding; Pivot Shortcut; Formula Challenge; Excel Tips; Spreadsheets; Excel Skills; More Flowers Conditional Formatting; Excel Tables; Pivot Tables; Functions; Excel Tips; Excel Training Alternating colour bands; Chip Pearson; Mouse scroll wheel; Expand and collapse pivot table; Formula challenge solutions; Wyn Hopkins; Reddit; Impressive spreadsheets; University of Colorado; Garden
20200428 AutoFill Tricks; Dashboards; Formulas; Excel Resources; Spring Flowers Data Entry; Dashboards; Functions; Websites AutoFill; Fill Handle; Fill Series; Dashboards; Project Management; Mynda Treacy; Kevin Lehrbass; Wind Chill; Excel TV; Narcissus
20200421 Row Height Quick Tip; Challenge Solutions; Functions; Speed; Face Masks Formatting; Formulas; New Functions; Performance Row AutoFit; Worksheet Tips; Formula Challenge; Sum functions; Mynda Treacy; Excel Performance; Aplat face mask pattern
20200414 Formula Challenge; UserForms; Show/Hide Worksheets; Easter Eggs; Exercise; Logic; Baking Bread Functions; UserForms; Macros; Worksheets; Puzzles Sum even and odd weeks; SUMPRODUCT; ISODD; ISEVEN; Option buttons; Check box; List; Show specific sheets; Excel macros; Chandoo; Easter Eggs; Frédéric Le Guen; Yeast
20200407 Which Workbook; Fix Slow Workbooks; Food Inventory; Collaborate; Dashboards; Online Lessons Workbook Tips; Sheet Tabs; Calculations; Excel Templates; Microsoft Teams; Dashboards Sheet tab colour; Open Read Only; FastExcel; Meal Planner with inventory; Ed Bott; Robert Mundigl; Table Slicers; FaceTime art sessions
20200331 Quick Backup Tool; Excel Error; Pivot Items; Power BI; Formula Challenge; In the Garden Macros; Workbook Tips; Pivot Tables; Excel Errors; Power BI; Formulas Free Backup Tool; Pivot Table refresh error; UniMord; Data Model; Pivot Items; Eugene Meidinger; Chandoo; Day Lilies
20200317 Error Message Trick; Formula Check Box; Be Careful; Functions; No Hoarding Excel Errors; Functions; Check Box; Macros Hidden error message number; Form control check box; Trustwave; Diana Lopera; Excel 4.0 macro; Function examples; Canada Food Board
20200310 Nth Weekday; Visible Rows Only; Don't Worry; Programming; Bee Happy Date Functions; Pivot Tables; Data Science; Programming Chip Pearson; WEEKDAY function; Thanksgiving date; Tyler Folkman; Think Like a Coder; TED-Ed; Zines
20200303 Sheet Navigation; Pivot Problem; Excel Problems; Name Manager; Advanced Excel Hyperlinks; Functions; Data Entry; Pivot Tables; Excel Tips; Named Ranges HYPERLINK function; First empty cell; Pivot Item captions; Computer problems; Bill Jelen; Jan Karel Pieterse; Steve Dalton
20200225 New Excel Functions; Quick Tip - Empty Cells; Copy Paste; Large Files; Office App; Pancake Day Functions; Dynamic Arrays; Excel Tips; Mobile Apps Dependent drop downs; Dynamic arrays; SORT function; UNIQUE function; FILTER function; Spill operator; Larry Tesler; Luke Dormehl; Kevin Languedoc; Easter date calculation
20200218 Sum for Date Range; Pivot Table Tool; Dashboards; New Features; Superhero; Genuinely Better Functions; Pivot Tables; Dashboards; Office Scripts SUMIFS; Operators; Pivot Power Free; Mynda Treacy; Office Scripts; XLOOKUP; From the Trenches podcast; David Boyar; Paul Meissner; Where's the Beef?
20200211 Send PDF from Excel; Copy and Paste Problems; Excel Questions; Dashboards; Map Class Excel macros; Excel email; Paste Special; Microsoft Excel; Dashboards Send email from Excel; PDF attachements; Copy multiple selections; Paste Special; Microsoft Excel team; Reddit AMA; Mynda Tready; Art Attack; Copenhagen map
20200204 Font Too Small; Excel Documentation; Hide Pivot Table Buttons; Filters; Data Analysis; Lazy Soup Data Validation; Macros; Formulas; Pivot Tables; Data Analysis; AutoFilters Data validation combo box; Data entry popup kit; John Culley; Zoom setting; Excel notes; Pivot table buttons; Bill Jelen; Roger Govier; Dr. Kate Lakowski; Blender soup prep
20200128 Freeze Panes Problems; Split Names Formula; AutoFilter Macros; Budget; Excel Skills; Dangerous Game Freeze Panes; Functions; AutoFilter; Excel templates Hidden rows; MID function; AutoFilter types; Excel budget templates; Gail Vaz-Oxlade; Reddit; Agatha Christie; Snap-dragon game
20200121 Shorter Formula; Pivot Table Refresh; Data Viz; Excel Tips; Old Technology Functions; Pivot Tables; DataViz; Data Cleanup MID function; REPLACE function; Reverse Names; Split Names; Evelina Judeikyte; FireEye; Newfoundland; BlackBerry
20200114 Strange Formula; Slow Macros; Bar Charts; XOR Function; Slow Stitching Functions; Macros; Charts MEDIAN function; Custom Functions (UDF); Numbers to Words; Jon Peltier; Jon Acampora; Hand sewing; Liz Kettle
20200107 Check for Cheaters; New Year Resolutions; Excel Skills; Excel Features; Excel-lent Wine Data Validation; Functions, Excel templates; Résumés.; new Excel Features Data validation custom rules; SUMPRODUCT; COUNTIF; Count duplicated items; Weight loss tracker; Calorie counter; Meal planner; Résumés; Chris Newman; Reverse Sear
20191210 Block Duplicates; Holiday Planner; Excel Christmas Tree; Macros; No Macros; Power Query; Not the Alps Data Validation; Functions; Planners; Scroll Bar; Macros; Power Query Prevent duplicate entries; COUNTIF; SUMPRODUCT; Event calendar; VLOOKUP; Jon Acampora; Advent of Code; Aila Albrecht; Mike Girvin; Alberta Clipper
20191203 Dynamic Drop Down; Advent Calendars; Duplicate Sets; Online Summit; Power BI; Winter Weekend Data Validation; Functions; Training; Power BI Drop down list; WORKDAY function; Advent Calendar; SMALL; TEXTJOIN; COUNTIF; Jonathan Cooper; Excel Online Summit; Bill Jelen; Jon Peltier; PASS Marathon BI
20191126 Find Duplicate Sets; Dinner Planner; Pie Shape Colour; Rich Data; What's New; November Functions; Templates; Shapes; Data Types; Excel Features MMULT function; TRANSPOSE function; Count Duplicates; Holiday dinner planner; Happy Face shape; Jon Peltier; Geographical data; Microsoft Impact
20191119 Rank Numbers, Printing Tips, Happy Face; Online Summit; Data Viz; Excel Tips; Not the Jack Pine Functions; Pivot Tables; Printing; Macros; Excel Tips; Data Visualization Show Values As; Custom Calculations; RANK Function; Data Validation; Bill Jelen; Jon Peltier; MaryJo Webster; Data Journalism; Alberto Cairo; Tom Thomson
20191112 Workbook Destruction; Compare Annual Data; Calendar; Shortcuts; Reminder; Chess Set Workbooks; Pivot Chart; Excel Functions; Dashboards Open as Copy; Save As; Pivot Chart; Pivot Table Grouping; Monthly Calendar; Keyboard Shortcuts; Dick Kusleika; Jon Wittwer; Mynda Treacy; Malawi
20191105 Pivot Table Tip; Loan Payment Details; Dashboards; Drop Downs; Too Much Candy Pivot Tables; Functions; Dashboards; Data Validation Remove pivot fields; Right-click menu; PMT function; conditional formatting; loan payments; Mynda Treacy; Josh Wayne; Canadian candy
20191029 Annoying Warning; Spot the Trends; Zombies; Data Analysis; Pumpkin Carving Trust Center; Workbooks; Conditional Formatting; Functions; Data Analysis Personal Information; Trust Center Settings; Excel Options; Color Scale; Conditional Formatting Rules; INDEX and MATCH; David Ringstrom; Lisa Charlotte Rost; Halloween
20191022 Outline Groups; Find and Replace; Data Viz; Excel Team; Fall Colour Outlining; Data Entry; Data Viz; Excel Help Grouping; Sam; Arrow Keys; AlexJ; Find and Replace; Wildcards; VisComm; Excel Team; Daylight Saving Time
20191015 Skip Blanks; Spreadsheet Day; Charts; Statistics; Pillow Project Data Entry; Spreadsheets; Charts; Statistics Paste Special; VisiCalc; Dan Bricklin; Bob Frankston; Mitch Kapor; Charles Simonyi; Elizabeth Ricks; Holiday Dinner Planner; Sewing
20191008 Count Items; Fun with Functions; Charts; Excel Tips; Formulas; 1999 Pivot Table; Functions; Charts; Excel Tips Pivot Table Count; Emojis; INDEX MATCH; Ken Puls; Wyn Hopkins; UNICODE, UNICHAR, HEX2DEC, DEC2HEX; Michelle Rial; Dawn Bjork; Formula Coach; Y2K
20191001 See Long Rules; TEXTJOIN Function; Charts; Excel Tips; Fall Flowers Conditional Formatting; Functions; Charts; Shortcuts Conditional Formatting rules; Lottery numbers; ConCat function; TEXTJOIN: Jon Peltier; Jon Acampora; Snowstorm
20190924 Pivot Field List; Multi-Item Slicer; Excel Tips; New Features; Power BI; Muggles Pivot Tables; Filters; Slicers; Excel Tips; Excel Versions PivotTable Field List; Data Validation; Drop Down Lists; Data Entry Popup; Multiple Selections; Insider Version; Matt Allington; Harry Potter
20190917 Worksheet Tips; Quick Pivot Field Trick; Formulas; Modelling; Charts; Late Summer Worksheet Navigation; Mouse Shortcuts; Pivot Tables; Functions; Financial Modelling; Charts Sheet tabs; AlexJ; Pivot table labels; Interactive lessons; Matthew Bernath; Podcast; Jon Peltier; Garden
20190910 New Lookup Function; Filter Trick; Baseball; Errors; Back to School Functions; Filters; Excel table; Conditional formatting XLOOKUP function; Jon Acampora; Filter by Color; Excel table; Conditional formatting; Baseball statistics; Ben Zorn; ExceLint; Backpack
20190827 Adjustable Hyperlinks; Hidden Formulas; Formulas; Functions; Tiny Laptop Hyperlinks; Weekly Planner; Conditional Formatting; Formulas; Functions Defined names; Hyperlink Function; CELL function; Line spacing; Excel weekly planner; Dick Kusleika; golf analysis; Liam Bastick; MOD function
20190813 Toolbar Tip; Product Update; Dashboards; Excel Uses; Data Viz; Camp Crafts Excel Ribbon; UserForms; Dashboards; Data Viz Quick Access Toolbar; Ribbon customization; QAT; Search Form Builder; UserForms; Mynda Treacy; Kat Boogaard; Seating plan; Science Goddess; Quilling; Abacua; Popsicle sticks
20190730 Locked Cells; Order Forms; Gantt Chart; Text Trick; Greatest Toys Excel Ribbon; Functions; Conditional Formatting; Macros; Printing; Charts; Text Ribbon customization; QAT; CELL function; Conditional Formatting; Print order forms; Leila Gharani; Gantt chart; Steve Collins; Justify; Skip-It toy; Greatest toys list
20190716 Number Format Trick; Formula Challenge; Charts; Formula; Excel Tips; Hidden Feature Number Format; Formulas; Charts; Excel Tips Custom number format; Decimal points; Count numbers in numbers; Multi-value cells; SUMPRODUCT; Dave Paradi; Kevin Lehrbass; Mouse logo button
20190702 Top Excel Tips; REPT Function Tricks; Data Viz; Equations; True North Excel tips; Functions; Data Viz; Formulas Excel Tables; Power Query; Backup macro; Excel Tools add-in; REPT function; In-cell chart; Google data design; Lagranian Point; Doug Jenkins; Tuktoyaktuk
20190618 List All Excel Files; Strange Functions; Spreadsheets; Excel Sessions; Almost Summer Macros; Functions; Spreadsheets; Excel Tips; Power BI Zipped Files; List Excel Files; Content Created Date; T Function; N Function; Journalists; Business Applications Summit; Lilacs; Toronto Raptors
20190604 Blank or Not, Pivot Table Fix, Spreadsheets, Excel Uses, It's the Thought Data Entry; Functions; Pivot Tables; Excel Options; Spreadsheets COUNTA; Blank cells; Text to Columns; Pivot table drop downs; Retain Items; Pivot Power Premium; VisiCalc, BBC; Unbundling Excel; Fitted sheets
20190521 Change a Shape, Date Formula Challenge, Charts, Dynamic Arrays, Excel Tips, Rockies Shapes; Comments; Functions; Charts; Excel Tips Change Shape; Change Comment Shape; WEEKDAY function; Date Functions; Gantt Chart; Jon Peltier; Dynamic Arrays; CheckDA; Charles Williams; Grainne Hallahan; Canadian Rockies
20190514 Lookup Formula; Excel Training; Excel Names; Data Viz; Troubleshooting; Tulip Festival Functions; Dashboards; Training; Names; Data Viz; Troubleshooting Find last item in column; LOOKUP function; Mynda Treacy; Excel Summit South; Defined Names; Alli Torban; Excel errors; Canadian Tulip Festival
20190507 Last Number Formula; Interactive Dashboards; Date Grouping; History; Charts; Perfect Gift Functions; Dashboards; Pivot Tables; Excel history; Charts LOOKUP function; Excel weight tracker; Mynda Treacy; Date grouping; AutoFilter; Data Options; Bill Gates; Chandoo; Key Influencers; USB Hub
20190430 Preview Picture, Naming Rules, Update, Power Query, Free Books, Calculators, Step on a Crack Excel Files; Pivot Tables; Power Query; Data Science; Calculators Preview Picture problem; Pivot table naming rules; Jeffrey Browne; Jeff Lenning; Excel University; Data Science books; Calculator Race; Dan Bricklin
20190416 Copy Pivot Format, Chart Challenge, Excel Tips, Organization, Grey Skies Pivot Tables; Formatting; Charts; Excel Tips; Templates Office Clipboard; Chart mystery; bar chart wrong lengths; Excel tips for beginners; Angela Lashbrook; Google Sheets
20190409 Status Bar Options, Macro Tweaks, Filter Challenge, Humour, Spring Indoors Status Bar; Programming; Filters Num Lock; Numerical Count; Status Bar messages; Edit Macros; Bill Jelen; BallmerCon
20190402 Style Problems, VLOOKUP, Product Update, Functions, Chart, More Snow Custom Styles; Named Tables; Pivot Tables; Protection; Functions; UserForms; Charts Custom Style problems; Sheet protection; Bill Jelen; VLOOKUP Week; UFDE; UserForm Builder; Chandoo; Kaiser Fung; Chart labels
20190326 Button Macros, Chart Problem Fix, Dashboards, Prediction, Maple Leaf Macros, Worksheet buttons, Charts, Dashboards, Formulas Stress test; Application.Caller; Hidden chart data; Chandoo; Excel Team; College Basketball; Canadian penny
20190312 Grouped Sheets, Workbook Tools, AI in Excel, Data Analysis, Art in Nature Macros, Grouped Sheets; Artificial Intelligence; Data Analysis Grouped sheet warning; Title Bar; Workbook Tools; Data From Picture; Keith McNulty; Jackfruit; Ingeborg Hawighort; Teylyn
20190305 Compare 2 Tables, Hide Duplicates, Charts, Power Query, Fancy Dinners Excel Tables; Functions; Conditional Formatting; Charts; Power Query SUMPRODUCT; UniMord; Hide duplicate headings; Stacked column chart; Jon Peltier; Pivot stacked data; Ken Puls; Candle Problem
20190226 Workbook Info, Button Trick, Product Updates, VisiCalc, Decisions, Altered Book Macros, Worksheet Buttons, Excel Products, Charts, Spreadsheets Macros; Pivot Tables; Names; Custom Macro Workbook; Worksheet Buttons; Switch Languages; Excel Tools; Chart Tools; Dan Bricklin; Decision Matrix; Altered Book
20190219 Hyperlink Quick Tip, Error Values, Nerds, Macros, Snow Days Hyperlinks, Cell Format, Errors, Macros Wrap Text; Hash error values; VLOOKUP; Trevor Fox; Macro recorder; Kevin Lehrbass; Wiarton Willie
20190212 Order Form Setup, Show Numbers as Text, Beer, Excel Versions, Dashboards, Museum of Play Functions, Data Validation, Pivot Tables, Number Format Drop down lists; VLOOKUP; Conditional formatting; Custom number format; Larry Carpenter; Brewing spreadsheet; Microsoft ad; Family Day; Strong Museum
20190205 Drop Down Lists, Pivot Table Formulas, Personal Finance, Spreadsheets, Temperatures Data Validation, Functions, Pivot Tables, Spreadsheets Drop down for filtered list; Subtotal function; Index and Match; Dynamic named range; Calculated item; Calculated field; Len Penzo; Ariel Mishman; Galileo thermometer
20190129 Hide Worksheet Info, Interactive Dashboards, Random Number Challenge, Data Entry Popup, Budgets, Rivalry, Siblings Conditional Formatting; Dashboards; Formulas; Excel products Hidden questions; Mynda Treacy; Random numbers; DVMSP kit; Personal budget; Debt reduction workbook; Dave Mandl; Lotus 1-2-3; Jack Bauer
20190122 Add Tables Rows, Flexible Conditional Formatting, PPP Add-in, Macros, Power BI, Functions, Guided Tour Excel Tables, Conditional Formatting, Excel Add-ins, Pivot Tables, Macros, Power BI, Functions Total Row; LARGE and SMALL functions; Highlight Top or Bottom; Pivot Power Premium; Jon Acampora; VBA Pro; Reza Rad; Power BI Desktop; User Defined Functions; Macintosh
20190115 Dynamic Title; Quick Subtotal; Excel Tips; Data Viz; Old Database Pivot Chart; Functions; Filters; Excel Tables; Data Visualization Link chart title to cell; Excel Table Total Row; Reddit; Ann K Emery; Q & A Database
20190108 Show Degree Symbol; Names List; Excel Tips; Charts; Data Viz, Who You Are Number formats; Excel Names; Excel Ribbon; Charts; Data Viz Custom Number Formats; Paste List; Lori Kaufman; AutoHide; Jon Peltier; Gantt Chart; Nathan Yau; Dagwood Photo Challenge
20181211 Quick Tip; Weekends Only; Challenge; Data Viz; Bumpy Ride Formatting; Data Validation; Formulas; Data Viz Unhide rows and columns; WEEKDAY function; Data validation custom rules; Titanic challenge; Reddit; Jonathan Schwabish; Gods River; Grumann Goose
20181204 Quick Fix; What Would You Do?; Quick Pick List; Advent Calendar; Charts; Data Analysis; High Tech Low Tech Pivot Tables; Functions; Data Entry; Sample Files; Charts; Data Analysis GetPivotData; Excel Options; Data Entry sheet; INDEX/MATCH; Keyboard shortcuts; Philip Treacy; Andy Pope; Alex Novet; Bissell; iPhone; Live Photo
20181127 Quick Pick; Advent Calendar; Mr. Excel; Excel Skills; Garden Cleanup Data Entry; Keyboard Shortcuts; Functions; Conditional Formatting Pick from Drop-down List; CHAR Function; Date Functons; Advent Calendar; Bill Jelen; Excel skills; Boris Karloff
20181120 Recent Birthdays; Data Entry Popup; Functions; Excel Writers; Paper Airplanes Conditional Formatting; Date Formulas; UserForms; Lookup functions WEEKNUM function; Date functions; Listbox; DVMSP; Liam Bastick; LOOKUP function; How-to-Geek site; Reddit; Fold'N'Fly database
20181113 Close All Files; VLOOKUP Trick; Excel Tables; Charts, Power BI; Tidying Up Keyboard shortcuts; Functions; Named Tables; Slicers; Data Flows Single Document Interface; Quick Access Toolbar; Excel Files FAQ; CHOOSE function; Table Array; Fiscal Month; Jan Karel Pieterse; Jeff Lenning; Matt Allington; KonMari method
20181106 Budget Limit; Make it Personal; Reminders; It's Complicated; Excel Tips; Rainy Day Data Validation; Macros; Dashboards; Excel Team; Spreadsheets Data validation custom rules; Error Alert; Error message; User Name; Reddit; Ask Me Anything; Mynda Treacy; Don Tomoff; Complicated spreadsheets; Microsoft site; Mississauga Civic Centre
20181030 ADDRESS Function, Excel Dashboards, Halloween Tricks, Microsoft, Slicers, Charts, Holiday Crafts Functions; Excel Training; Conditional Formatting; Excel team; Slicers; Charts Show cell address; Mynda Treacy; Interactive workbook; Check Box; Spin Button; Excel AMA; Dynamic arrays; Chris Webb; Chandoo; Hui; Animated chart; Melted snowman
20181023 LOOKUP Function, Product Updates, Data, Errors, Tips, Colour Purple LOOKUP examples; Contextures products; Data organization; Excel Error messages; Reddit Excel tips Lookup shift number; Student letter grade; PPP; DVMSP; Karl Broman; Dara Woo; Jon Peltier; Spreadsheet Day wrap up; Jon Acampora; Butterfly Garden
20181016 Spreadsheet Day, Which Work Shift, Passwords, Shortcuts, Macros, Fall Colours Spreadsheet Day; Functions; UserForms; Shortcuts; Excel Training October 17th; VisiCalc; Shift number formula; VLOOKUP; Doug Glancy; Harvard Business Review; Freeze Panes; Jon Acampora
20181009 Missing Arrows, Macro Training, Time Formulas, Automation, On the Wall Data Validation, Programming, Date Functions, Excel Courses Delete shapes; Jon Acampora; Excel VBA; Doug Jenkins; Date formatting; Excel automation; Macramé
20181002 Your Macros, Dynamic Arrays, Solver, VLOOKUP, Keep It Simple Custom Ribbon Tab; Office 2019; Excel Functions; Dynamic Array Formulas; Solver; Lookup Speed My Macros Custom Tab; CONCAT, TEXTJOIN, IFS, SWITCH; Ctrl+Shift+Enter; Kevin Lehrbass; Lookup speed comparison
20180925 New Ways to Automate Excel, Weird Color Button, Microsoft Ignite, Faster VLOOKUP, Soup Chart VBA; Office Extensibility; Formatting; Functions Develop Excel Conference; Cycle Font Color; Custom Number Formatting; Microsoft Ignite Excel sessions; Charles Williams; Lookup formulas; Lentils
20180918 Pivot Table Drilldown, Fill a Cell, Power Query, Macros, In the Country pivot tables; show details; cell format; alignment; Power Query, VBA pivot table show details; pivot table drilldown; cell alignment fill; Power Query challenge; Ken Puls; Jon Acampora; macro shortcuts; apples
20180911 Comment Warning, Formula Challenge, Models, Football, Smart Watch Comments, FV Function, Financial Models, Fantasy Football Threaded Comments; Financial Functions; Brett Whysel; Get & Transform; AmazFit
20180828 Fix Blank Cells, Go Back to Previous Cell, ModelOff, Power Query, New Laptop Data entry, Navigation, Financial Model, Power BI Cells look blank; Text to Columns; Store temporary locations; ModelOff questions; Chandoo, Canna Lily
20180814 Comment Macros, Slicer Setup Tip, Excel Training, Dashboards, Data Model, Paper Weaving Comments, Macros, Slicers, Dashboards, Excel courses, Camera Tool, Power BI Comment resize and move; J. Woolley; Comment numbering; Message button text; Slicer macros; Mynda Treacy; Jeff Lenning; J. Carlton Collins; Rick de Groot
20180731 Currency Format, Build a Timeline, Power BI, Developers, Rainbows Rule Conditional Formatting, Functions, Power BI, Excel Addins Currency conditional formatting; VLOOKUP; INDEX/MATCH; Chicken Dinner planner; Business Applications Summit; Ken Puls; Excel Developer Conference; Christmas in July
20180717 Font Size Magic, Total Score, Macro Training, New Look, Prediction, Weeds Formatting, Functions, Macros, Office UI, Machine Learning Format Cells, Shrink to Fit, SUMPRODUCT, SUMIF, Jon Acampora, Excel Ribbon, Excel with ML, Netflix, Lovage plant
20180703 Flexible Formula Trick, Multiple Dependent Drop Downs, Formulas, Charts, History Functions, Data Validation, Functions, Charts Function argument cell reference; dependent drop downs with tables; Chandoo; bad charts; early spreadsheets; Nathan Yau; BBC Computer Literacy Project, Humanitarian Award
20180619 Quick Tip, Using RAND, Double Lookup, Forecasts, Charts, In the Garden Data Entry, Functions, Modeling, Charts Data Form; John Walkenbach; World Cup; RAND algorithm; Rich Pollock; RANDBETWEEN; INDEX; MATCH; Mileage Lookup; Liam Bastick; Jon Peltier; Cycle Plot; Rhubarb
20180605 Fancy Drop Downs, See the Styles, Data Viz, Budget, Computer Games Data Validation, Pivot Table Styles, Data Viz, Functions, Conditional Formatting, Subtotals Dependent drop down lists; PivotTable Styles macro; Data Viz; Alberto Cairo; Susan Harkins; Tech Republic; Rogue game, Macintosh
20180522 Fill Blank Cells, Split the Date Solutions, Keep Getting Excel News, Slicers, Excel Skills, Summer Weather Data Entry, Formatting, Macros, Functions, Excel News, Slicers, Interview Questions Fill blank cells, Excel Tools Add-in, Split Date and Time challenge, Bill Jelen, Lake Louise
20180508 Split the Date, Highlight Expiry Dates, Data Analysis, Sad News, Power BI, Wind Storm Functions, Conditional Formatting, Data Analysis, Excel, Tips, Power BI Formula Challenge, SUBSTITUTE, LEFT function, TODAY function, Chandoo, Chip Pearson, Mynda Treacy
20180501 Show All the Items, Running Total by City, Charts, Power BI, In the Garden Pivot Tables, Functions, Charts, Power BI Show items with no data, Field Settings, Absolute reference, Ann K. Emery, Mynda Treacy, Dashboards, Rhubarb
20180424 Completed Tasks, Custom Styles, Charts, Data Model, Owl Conditional Formatting, Task List, Pivot Tables, Custom Styles, Charts, Data Model Strikethrough, Copy Custom Style, Interactive Chart, Chandoo, Connect tables, Susan Harkins, Girl Guides, Owl pattern
20180417 Quick Print Tip, Compare Cells, Dashboards, Data, Back in Time Excel table, Printing, Dashboards, Data Analysis, Excel History Print list, Quick Access Toolbar, SUMPRODUCT, INDIRECT, History Navigation, Doug Glancy, Anakic, QueryStorm, Excel 4.0, Excel advertisement
20180410 How Embarrassing, Excel Properties, Charts, Excel Help, Spring Weather Formula Bar, Properties, Excel Ribbon, Charts, Macros Formula bar toggle arrow, Document Location, Comment property, Alex B, Jon Peltier, Gantt chart, Stack Overflow, Joel Spolsky, Jon Acampora, April snow
20180403 Quick Formatting, What Is Hidden?, Data Viz, Macros, Pranks Shortcuts, conditional formatting, functions, data visualization, VBA, Power BI Format Painter, Double-click tricks, CELL function, AGGREGATE function, Ann K Emery, Jon Acampora, April Fool's pranks, Power BI Clippy
20180327 Hide the Details, Guess the Function, Data Model, Education, Office Tools Grouping, Conditional Formatting, Functions, Data Model, Spreadsheets Hide details; Survey questions; REPLACE function; Excel TV; Computer Science education; Alfred Thompson; LexisNexis
20180320 Chart Colours, Missing Data, Dashboards, Planning Charts, Macros, Pivot Tables, Dashboards, Planning Conditional Formatting, Color Scales, Bar Chart, Pie Chart, Chart Color macro, Pivot Table Filters, Field Settings, Audry Loper, Nick Orso, Reversible sequins
20180313 Hyperlink Quick Tips, Dynamic Ranges, Seating Chart Part 2, Excel Sites, Excel Ribbon, MVP Summit Hyperlinks, Functions, Charts, Excel Tips, Excel Add-ins Hyperlink tips, Wrap Text, Dynamic Ranges, OFFSET, INDEX, CHOOSE, INDEX, MATCH, Kevin Lehrbass, Doug Jenkins, Doug Glancy, Sim Choudry, Canadian MVPs
20180306 Quick List, Age and Height Part 2, Seating Chart, Data Entry, Macros Data Entry, Functions, Charts, Data Validation, Macros Quick list of numbers, Age calculations, Hockey player data, Seating plan, Doughnut charts, Oz du Soleil, Jan Karel Pieterse, John Michaloudis, VBA course
20180227 Multiple Filters, Age and Height, Excel Tips, Data Viz Pivot Tables, Filters, Functions, Data Viz Multiple filters per field, Olympic hockey, age calculation, LEFT, RIGHT, Neil Patel, Nathan Yau, SketchNotes
20180220 Easy to Read, What's in That Cell, Budget Reporter, Slicers, Power Query Pivot Table Formatting, Functions, Slicers, Power Query Pivot Table blank row, CellView, Chip Pearson, formula troubleshooting, UNICODE, Budget reporter, Forcast Actual Variance, Ken Puls
20180213 Quick Filters, Lookup Mystery, Charts, Dashboards, Odd Facts Pivot Tables, Filters, Functions, Charts, Dashboards, Excel Tips Pivot Table Filters, VLOOKUP, CODE, CHAR, AscW, Jon Peltier, chart blank cells, Mynda Treacy, Data Rails blog, Mike Alexander
20180206 Is It Sorted, Interactive Dashboards, VLOOKUP Prices, Excel Tips, Power BI Tool, Statistics, Battleship Data Validation, Functions, Dashboards, Power BI, Statistics Drop Down Lists, OFFSET, MATCH, COUNTIF, VLOOKUP, Mynda Treacy, Lookup table, John Michaloudis, Dick Moffat, David Hoppe, XLPublish, Crash Course, Andrew Engwirda
20180130 Quick Symbols, Interactive Dashboards, COUNTIF 255 Limit, Comments, Problem Solving Data Entry, Dashboards, Formulas, Comments, Business Math AutoCorrect, Symbols, Mynda Treacy, COUNTIF, SUMPRODUCT, Ben J. Kusmin, Comments, Mike Girvin, Math problems, knitting
20180123 COUNTIF Confusion, Pivot Grouping, Macros, Forecasting Functions, Pivot Tables, Programming, Resources COUNTIF, 255 character limit, SUMPRODUCT, Data Model, Pivot Power Premium, Jon Acampora, Get started with macros, Andrew Schneider, Forecasting Tool
20180116 Fancy Formatting, SUBSTITUTE and TRIM, Security, Data Viz Number format, Functions, Charts, Security updates Text in custom number format, count items in cell, Woddy Leonhard, Dynamic Data Exchange (DDE), Science Goddess
20180109 Table Filter Spinner, SUBSTITUTE Trick, Advanced Excel Training, Data Viz, Spreadsheets Excel Table, Pivot Table, Spin Button, Functions, Training, Data Visualization Scroll through table filter, count words in cell, Maarten Lambrechts, Manny Medrano, HDR photography, Inca Khipu


Unique Count, Advanced Formulas, Your Feedback, Excel Art, Dashboards, Formatting

Pivot Tables, Functions, Tables, Excel Art, Dashboards, Conditional Formatting

Distinct Count, Data Model, Ben Collins, Google Sheets, Bloomberg, UserVoice, Jeff Weir, Tatsuo Horiuchi, Andy Pope, Chandoo


Excel event planner, quick copy shortcut, interactive dashboards, Excel complaints, Excel Viewer

Formulas, Shortcuts, Dashboards, Excel tips, Excel Viewer

Custom Ribbon tab, event calendar, mouse shortcut, Fill without formatting, Mynda Treacy, WSJ


Hide zeros, HLOOKUP for Rate, Interactive Dashboards, Comparison Charts, Clean Data

Formatting, Functions, Charts, Dashboards, Data, Macros

Mynda Treacy, Kaggle survey, horizontal lookup, messy data


Find Links, Excel Names, Dashboards, Excel Fonts

Add-ins, Dashboards, Formatting, Functions, Names

Bill Manville, troubleshooting, Kevin Lehrbass, data viz tips


Shortcuts, Macros, Troubleshooting, Formulas, Games

Shortcuts, Macros, Troubleshooting, Formulas, Games

Sudoku, Andy Pope, Chart Exporter, Bill Jelen, Excel Tools, data validation, data entry, shortcuts


Drop down Symbols, Never Do This, Weave a Tartan, Excel Macros, Pivot Tables, Dashboards

Data Validation, Excel Tables, Macros, Pivot Tables, Dashboards

Symbols in data validation list, combine data on one sheet, custom Ribbon tab, Excel TV, Many a True Nerd, YouTube, StackOverflow survey, Simon Murphy


Slice and Dice, Lookup First and Last, Charts, Power BI

Slicers, Formulas, Charts, Power BI

Mike Alexander, Slicer formatting, VLOOKUP, Quartz, Dan Kopf, table instead of chart, free Power BI book, Reza Rad


Pivot Table Trick, Excel Lookup Formula Challenge, Get Started with Macros, Excel AMA, Date/Time

Pivot Tables, Functions, Macros

Type to add pivot fields, Lookup challenge solutions, LOOKUP, INDEX, MATCH, intro to macros, Jon Acampora, Microsoft Excel team, Ask Me Anything, Mynda Treacy


Spreadsheet Day, Lookup Challenge, Date Grouping, Excel AMA, Excel Solver

Spreadsheets, Lookup Formula, Grouping, Solver

VisiCalc, formula challenge, pivot table, Redditt, Solver


Dashboard Tips, Data Bars Tricks, Percent Operator, Excel Tips, Charts

Dashboards, Formatting, Formulas, Tips, Charts

Real-time dashboards, proactive dashboards, Mynda Treacy, conditional formatting, calculation operators, UniMord, Chandoo, Histogram, Pareto chart


Custom Colours, Show Data Entry Messages, Power BI, Excel Maps

Formatting, Data Validation, Data Entry, Power BI, Maps

Ann Emery, Charts, Custom Theme, Data Validation Message, Carlos Otero, Soccer, Get & Transform, Kevin Lehrbass


Interactive Dashboards, Show Percentages in Reports, Quick Tip, Excel History, Excel Charts

Dashboards, Pivot Tables, Keyboard Shortcuts, Charts

Mynda Treacy, Karine Lago, Show Values As, Percent of Parent, Excel shortcuts, Satya Nadella, MS Query, Jonathan Schwabish, Waffle Chart


All Your BASE, Line Breaks, Shortcuts, Last Row, Excel Charts

Functions, Find and Replace, Data Entry, Macros, Chart Add-in

TEXT function, REPT function, UniMord, Koen vT, Mike Girvin, Charles Williams, Jon Peltier


Data Entry Rules, Check Excel Settings, Excel Tips, Excel Versions

Data Validation, Excel Options, Excel Tips for Attorneys, Excel 1.0

Drop down lists, Data Entry pop up kit, Custom data validation, Manual calculation, Andrew Engwirda, Ben Kusmin, MacUser


Hide Filter Arrows, Quickly Naming Cells, Power Pivot, Functions, Power Point

AutoFilter, Macros, Excel Names, Power Pivot, Functions

AutoFilter macros, Names Create from Selection, DAX, Matt Allington, TEXTJOIN, Teylyn, Tom Urtis


On Demand Slicers, CONVERT function, Charts, Quick Tip

Slicers, Macros, Functions, Charts, Protection

Pivot Tables, AlexJ, CONVERT function, recipe calculator, messy chart, Science Goddess, Chandoo, unprotect multiple sheets, Excel Tools add-in


Make a Pop Up Slicer, Find Last Text Item, Error Checking, UserForms, Charts

Slicers, Functions, Errors, UserForms, Charts

Macros, AlexJ, REPT, VLOOKUP, LOOKUP, error checking, Ken Puls, Jon Peltier, Ann K. Emery


Build a MIN IF Formula, Interactive Dashboards, Rounding Time, Power Pivot, Math and Sports

Functions, Dashboards, Power BI, Math

MIN, MAX, pivot table, Mynda Treacy, Chandoo, Time formulas, John Michaloudis, Rob Collie, Math With Bad Drawings


Excel Training, Number a Filtered List, Clean Data, Excel Tables

Dashboards, Functions, Data, Tables

Mynda Treacy, AGGREGATE, Sum functions, SUBTOTAL, Clean data, Carlos Otero, Get & Transform, Excel tables, Mike Alexander


Paste With No Borders, Excel Products, Sum a Filtered List, Data Science, Power BI, Training

Data Entry, Shortcuts, Pivot Power, Functions

Data Entry shortcuts, Alex B, Quick Access Toolbar, QAT, Paste Special, Pivot Power Premium update, PPP, SUBTOTAL, AGGREGATE, Trello, Matt Allington, Chris Webb, John Michaloudis


Find Nth Character, Enter Key Shortcuts, Histogram Charts, DAX course, Power BI Webinars

Functions, Shortcuts, Power BI, Charts, Power Query, Training

SUBSTITUTE, FIND, keyboard shortcuts, Nathan Yau, Jon Peltier, Marco Russo, Alberto Ferrari, Power Query, John Michaloudis


Address Formula Solution, Flash Fill or Formulas, Charts, Cleaning Data in Excel

Functions, Data Entry, Charts, Data Analysis

Split address formula, FIND, SUBSTITUTE, Flash Fill, Science Goddess, Cleaning Data course, Maarten Lambrechts, Ken Puls, MVP Day


Formula Challenge - Split Address, Quick Backup Tool, Excel Shortcuts, Formulas for Architects

Functions, Add-ins, Shortcuts

Formula challenge, File backup, Tim Berty, FLOOR, CEILING


Hide Used Items, Slicer Trick, Favourite Functions, Excel Song

Data Validation, Slicer Properties, Functions, Excel Fun

Drop Down List, remove used items, prevent slicer moving, Jon Wittwer, Clint Tuttle


Create Random Numbers, Excel Resources, Sorting, Power BI

Functions, Excel Resources, Sort, Power BI

Matt Allington, Kevin Lehrbass, UserVoice, Olaf Hubel, Jonnie Thomas, RANDBETWEEN, ROUND, RAND


Quickly Copy Data, Excel Macros, Date formula, Excel Skills, Excel Experiment

Advanced Filter, Macros Training, Functions, Excel Tips, Excel macros

Filter to different sheet, Allen Wyatt, Jon Acampora, VanV, EOMONTH, Eric Andrews, Economics, Micro:Bit


End of Month Formulas, Amazing Dashboard Tricks, Price Lookup, Excel Skills, Excel Training

Functions, Dashboards, Excel Training, Macros

EOMONTH, Date Functions, Robert Mundigl, Interactive dashboard, Leonid Koyfman, Formula challenge, Daily Dose of Excel, Dick Kusleika, Nick Larson, Job interviews, Mike Girvin, Excel for Accountants


Tricky Price Lookups, Personal Macros, Pivot Table Format, Excel Table, Power BI

Functions, Excel Ribbon, Pivot Table, Excel Table, Power BI

VLOOKUP, Formula Challenge, Custom Ribbon Tabs, Don Tomoff, Chandoo, Power BI resources, Excel Table Problem


7 Ways to Round in Excel, Hidden Hyperlink, SUMIFS feedback, Formulas, Power Query

Functions, Hyperlinks, Troubleshooting, Power BI

Rounding, Hyperlink examples, SUMIFS, Charlie Young, Troubleshoot formulas, Engineering Excel, Power Query pitfalls, Gil Raviv


SUMIFS With Blank Cells, Pivot Table Fill Colour, Power BI, Charts

Functions, Pivot Tables, Power BI, Charts

SUMIFS, Sum functions, Excel World Champ, Ghazanfar Abidi, Power BI Tips, Ken Puls, Science Goddess, Backwards Bar Chart, 100 Days Project


Make VLOOKUP Flexible, Data Entry Search Popup, Charts, Office 365

Functions, Excel Tools, Charts, Office 365

VLOOKUP, MATCH, Lookup formulas, Data Entry tools, Ann K. Emery, Plan a chart, Podcasts, Modern JavaScript


Name Fix Solutions, Pivot on Protected Sheet, Data Analysis, Programming

Functions, pivot tables, Macros, Business Analytics, VBA

Formula challenge solution, PROPER, EXACT, COUNTIF, Pivot Table macro, PASS, Mike Alexander, RubberDuckBA, Organize VBA Code, PPP update


Excel Name Fix Challenge, Freeze and Zoom, Start/End, Programming

Functions, Macros, Power Query Dates, Pivot Table, Programming

Formula Challenge, Freeze Panes, Zoom setting, Calculated dates in Power Query, Ken Puls, Andrew Wulf, Programmng goals


Happy Pi Day, Conditional Formatting Mess, Data Viz, Pivot Tables

Functions, Conditional Formatting, Excel Dashboards, Pivot Tables

March 14th, Pi Day, PI function, duplicate rules, Jorge Camoes, Allen Arthur, Social Journalism


Sheet Lister, RANK IF Formula, Data Analysis, Excel for Engineers

Macros, Worksheets, Functions, Excel Basics, Excel files

Sheet Lister Add-in, COUNTIFS, Count functions, Rank functions, Paul Overberg, Health Data, Doug Jenkins, Engineering


Calculated Fields, Name Box Tricks, Excel Basics, Excel Tools, Course Closing

Pivot Tables, Data Entry, Excel Books, Excel Add-ins, Excel Training

Calculated Field, Calculated Item, Excel Names, Unhide columns, Power BI training, Frankens Team, Excel Formula Analyzer, Andrew Engwirda, VBE Tools, Mynda Treacy


Keyboard Shortcut Problem, Favourite Commands, Debt Snowball, Excel Chart


Why Use Power BI?, VLOOKUP Fix, Excel Code Tools, Excel Dashboards

Power BI; Functions; Programming; Dashboards

Matt Allington; Mynda Treacy; VLOOKUP; VALUE function; Andrew Engwirda; VBE Tools; Chandoo; Dashboard contest


Filter for Dates, VLOOKUP Problem, Excel Budget, Excel Charts


Count Items in a Cell, Dashboard Course Giveaway, Excel Charts, Excel Formula, Excel Events


Save Your Excel Ribbon, Solution Rolling Total Challenge, Power BI, Excel Contest, Excel Events


Grouped Dates, Rolling Total Challenge, Excel Addins, Shpreadsheet Threats



Fix the Footer, Data Viz, VisiCalc History, Conditional Formatting



Excel Marimekko Chart, Column Header Letters, Feedback, Spreadsheet History, Excel Song, Excel Dashboards



Rounding Time, Week Grouping Formula Solution, Organizing Files, Excel Memory, Excel Data, Excel Dashboards

MROUND; WEEKDAY function; Charles Williams, FRED Data add-in, Mynda Treacy


Week Grouping Formula, Excel Dashboards, Hidden Rows, Organizing, Excel Tips, Excel Blooper, Crabapple

Nelly video Excel message; Manage business finances, Organize Excel files; Hidden Rows; Mynda Treacy; WEEKDAY function


Holiday Planner; Can't Unhide Rows; Hidden Help; Power Pivot Problems; Pivot Table Webinar


Excel holiday planner; hidden rows problem; Freeze Panes; AGGREGATE function; Ken Puls; Matt allington; Pivot Tables


AutoFilter Shortcuts, Tweaking the Budget, ModelOff Challenge, Square Pie, Pivot Table Webinar, Office Zoo

Filters, Functions, Pivot Tables

Mike Alexander; Annual Cost Calculator


Excel COUNTIF Challenge



Fast Way to Find and Delete Excel Rows


Quick Copy of Excel File, Volume on Excel Videos, Spreadsheet Tasks, Lookup Function, Leaves are Falling

Functions, Excel Tips


Get started with Excel macros


Quickly close all files


Excel shortcuts


No need for an IF formula


Dependent Combo Box in Excel


How to clean Excel data


Excel -- Pivot Tables -- Data Fields


Quick Ways to Unpivot Excel Data


Number formatting shortcuts


Annoying hyperlink problems


Hide Sheets Based on Tab Color


How to use Excel's hidden calculator


Create a quick list of months or weekdays


Select a group of sheets from drop down list


Numbers Change to Dates in Excel


Customize your right-click menus


Count specific codes in a list


Quick tips for entering formulas; Table formatting; List everything


A quick way to create and format Excel tables


A quick way to build complex formulas


Quick running totals to compare years, fast filter tip


Quickly change settings to show different data, get the latest product updates


Avoid pivot table time problems, get my product updates


Use Slicers to keep people away from your data


Highlight numbers in a list, store pivot table layouts


Get Excel Version Number with INFO Function


Excel Sheet Selector With No Macros


Get duplicate names, shortcuts


Excel VLOOKUP Sorting Problem


Quick Reports With Excel Custom Views


See how to split dates and times, build hyperlinks


Split dates and times, worksheet protection


Remove Macro Warning in Excel


Get Table Data With Excel HLOOKUP Function


Get Excel Worksheet Name with CELL Function


Check Box VBA


Find Project End Date; MAX IF Calculation; Essential Excel Skills; Data Viz; Holiday Traditions


Quick Count; Spreadsheet Principles; Dashboards; Football Field Chart; Almond Cookies

Count Duplicates; Pivot Table


Catch Missing Data; Excel Advent Calendar; Prevetn Errors; Pivot Table Values; Berry Cold


Excel Fiscal Year Calculations; File List; Create Icons; Office 2016 Review; Snowman


Create a Rolling Total; Custom Footer Macro; Clean Your Data; Chart Tips; 15 Year Anniversary

Functions; Page Layout; Data Cleansing; Charts; MVP

SUMIF; Excel macros; Footer date; Investintech; Chandoo; Jon Peltier; MVP award


Hide Results Based on Date; Sample Data for Testing; Lock Slicers; Excel Improvements; Wind and Roses


Subtotal Problems; Holiday Planner; Build a Dashboard; Formatting Tips; Fall Colour


Combine data, add pictures, better reports


Hide Calculated Items With Zero Total


Compare supplier prices, CHOOSE formula


Spreadsheet Hall of Fame, quick totals


Read Office 2016 reviews, build better charts


Understand circular references, avoid nested IFs


Quick grand totals, Excel tips from Joel Spolsky


Dashboard tips, navigation shortcuts


Chart tricks, time entry, pivot table layouts


Excel Survey Results, dashboard tips


Free dashboard webinar, quick Excel survey


Use Rank in a Pivot Table, Free Excel Add-ins

20150623 Plan your meals, quick print, refer to tables    


Add custom chart labels, get started with macros, compare worksheets, get info from hyperlinks


Build a nested IF formula, improve your dashboards, work with dates, change a pivot table layout


See how to fix a broken drop down list, create an interactive chart, do fancy text tricks


See how to reverse last and first names, pin a shape to a chart point, learn some Solver history


Choose a chart type, check formula speed, work with pivot table source data


Analyze sales with a running total, select a file format, power query training


Look for formula inconsistencies, save time with keyboard shortcuts, use online Power BI


Make VLOOKUP faster, use keyboard shortcuts, run macros when Excel is closed


Create Drop Down List, Understand array formulas, speed up macros


Attend a free dashboard webinar, find data with VLOOKUP


More Than One Filter on Pivot Table Field


Simple Project Planning With Excel Gantt Chart


Enter Dates and Times in Excel


Arrange Pivot Table Data Vertically


To be added


Get Excel Worksheet Name with CELL Function


Add and Remove Excel Hyperlinks


Filter Multiple Pivot Tables With Excel 2010 Slicers


Excel Drop Down Opens At End


Create a Waterfall Chart in Excel


To be added


Delete Rows Based on Colour; Pivot Table Makeover; Quick Drop Down List


To be added


Get Cell Address as With Excel ADDRESS Function


To be added


Edit Excel 2010 List Data in Popup Form


Fix Currency Separators; Extra Items in Pivot Table Grouped Dates

Number Formatting; Pivot Table


Ignore Blanks When Pasting; Calculated Field; REPT Function

Data Entry Tips; Pivot Tables; Excel Functions


Pivot Table Fears; Copy Pivot Table Format and Values

Pivot Table


Fix Numbers That Don't Add; Pivot Table on Protected sheet

Excel Functions; Pivot Table


Count Cells Greater Than Set Amount; Report Cleanup; New Workbook Based On Old One

Excel Functions; Workbook Tips; Excel Tips


Excel Slicers; Running Totals, Chart Scores; Painted Pumpkin

Excel Formulas, Excel Charts


Create a Pivot Table from Multiple Sheets

Troubleshoot Reports, Refresh pivot tables

Braille tool


Store Multiple Values With Excel Scenarios


Fix Excel Numbers That Don't Add Correctly


To be added


Compare Cells With Excel EXACT Function


Excel Count Functions for Numbers, Data, Blanks


Problem VBA Code Debugging; 5 Pivot Table Problems; Split Ties With RANK


Fix an Excel Time Warp With LEFT RIGHT MID


To be added


3 Types of Excel Drop Down Lists Compared


Conditional Formatting Currency Symbols in Excel 2010


Excel Advanced Filter Copies Data to New Location


Pivot Table Date Filters


To be added


IFRAME Code; Pivot Table Macros; Audit Excel Formulas; Hide Dups

Baseball Statistics; Excel game 2048


To be added


Selecting Sections of an Excel Pivot Table


Macro Changes Excel Column Headings From Numbers To Letters


Copy Code to an Excel Workbook


Quickly Change Results for Excel COUNTIF Function


Pivot Table Grouping Affects Another Pivot Table


Excel VBA - Macro Runs When Worksheet Changed


Highlight Lottery Numbers with Conditional Formatting


Edit Recorded Excel Pivot Table Macro


Quickly Hide Selected Items in Excel Pivot Table


Excel VLOOKUP From Another Workbook


Allow Changes on a Protected Worksheet


Ignore Blank Problems in Excel Data Validation


Combine Cells in Excel Without Concatenate


To be added


Insert More Than One Row in Excel


New Search Feature in Excel 2010 AutoFilter


To be added


To be added


Fast Way to Find and Delete Excel Rows


Hide Excel VLOOKUP errors with IF and ISNA functions


Remove Date Grouping in Excel Filter Drop Downs


To be added


Count Duplicates in Excel List With Pivot Table


To be added


Automatically Add New Items to Data Validation Drop Downs


Copy Data From Web Browser to Excel


Select Large Range in Excel


Highlight Weekend Dates in Excel


Excel Conditional Formatting - Data Bars


To be added


Select Answers with Excel Option Buttons


How to use the Excel RANK Function


Excel Pivot Table Filters - Top 10


Duplicate Items Appear in Pivot Table; Prevent Duplicate Entries in Excel Table; Create Very Hidden Worksheets; Abundant Tomatoes


Quickly Customize the Excel Window


Sort With Excel Custom Lists


Customize the Excel 2007 Status Bar


Change Number of Sheets in New Excel Files


Select a Random Name in Excel


Pivot Table PivotStyles


Auto Resize Excel Text Boxes


Change Excel Comment Shape


Creating Excel Hyperlinks Is a Drag


Create Secret Hidden Questions in Excel


Show Developer Tab on the Excel Ribbon


See how a UserForm works, group text items in a pivot field



Create a simple box plot, block new items in a filtered pivot field



Adjust pivot table field list, interactive functions list



Nested IF functions, find and SUBSTITUTE line breaks



Total filtered data with AGGREGATE, change pivot table filter layout



Delete shapes, use Slicers



Move a large pivot table, calculate annual savings



Insert Rows shortcut, GetPivotData problem



Find and prevent errors, problems adding slicers



Conditional Formatting in pivot table



Multiple totals in pivot table



Drop down symbols, chart shortcuts



Custom sort, divide without formulas



Limit dates to a specific range, average based on multiple criteria



Running totals in pivot table, prevent invalid entries in combo boxes



Get accurate count in a pivot table, create a dependent combo boxes



Group numbers by tens in a pivot table, create a quick list of dates



Show message at top of sheet, quick grand totals



Round to a nickel, print new invoices, paste values shortcut



Date picker tool, pivot table Index



New FORMULATEXT function, chart baselines



Ugly charts, free Excel audit tool, custom ribbon tab intro



Create a custom Ribbon tab, test formula dependencies



Find records with unmatched amounts, get the basics of big data



Keep numbers aligned when Excel is zoomed, quick keyboard shortcuts



Show a picture in a comment, change all pivot charts with one filter



Flexible links to a pivot table, get to the point in a dashboard



Pick dates with a scroll bar, link a pivot chart to another table



Holiday planner, intro to Excel arrays



Sum with multiple criteria, change calculation order in a pivot table



Link a chart's title to a pivot filter, highlight high/low values in a chart



Show interactive drop lines in a chart, create pivot table copies automatically



Combo Chart Video, Date Checking



5 Excel tips, error when pasting filtered data



Find Text With INDEX and MATCH



Midnight Times Missing in Excel Worksheet



List All Formulas in Workbook



Pivot table add-in, in-cell chart for stock prices



To be added


To be added


To be added


To be added


To be added


To be added


To be added


To be added


To be added


Check Multiple Criteria with INDEX / MATCH; Document VBA Procedures; Creative Pivot Table Subtotal Headings; Auto Outline; Convert with Add-in

Functions; Programming; Pivot Table; Grouping; Add-ins

INDEX function; MATCH function; Lee Townsend; Pivot Table subtotals; Excel Outline; Doug Jenkins


To be added


To be added


To be added


To be added


To be added


To be added


To be added


To be added


To be added


To be added


To be added


Data Validation Arrows Are Missing


Remove Duplicate Records in Excel 2007


Copy Code to an Excel Workbook


Name a Range of Cells in Excel


Increase Numbers by Set Amount in Excel 2007


Remove Macro Warning in Excel


Add a Picture in Excel Comment


To be added


To be added


To be added


To be added


To be added


Time-saving Excel tips, text in PowerPivot measures



Hide pivot table details, Excel exam preparation



Parts Data Entry UserForm Update; Excel Weight Tracker Update; Monster Spreadsheets; Online Programming Course; Excel Humour

UserForms; Functions

Find last row with data; Weight targets; Track food intake; JavaScript; CodeAcademy

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