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Excel Topics

Where to find tutorials on popular Excel topics, here on the Contextures site

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Excel Charts

Add visual impact to your Excel workbooks, by adding simple or complex charts. See how to get started, by building simple Excel charts, such as a pie chart or line chart. Then, after you know the basics, work on fancier charts, like a Cluster Stack Column chart, or a line chart with a target range.

To learn more, go to the Excel Charts topic page.

cluster stack column chart

Excel Data Validation

Use the Excel data validation feature to create drop down lists on a worksheet. Or, use data validation rules to control what can be entered into worksheet cells.

To learn more, go to the Excel Data Validation topic page.

drop down list in cell

Excel Filters

Use AutoFilters and Advanced Filters to show specific data from a named Excel table, or a worksheet list.

  • AutoFilters are built into the heading row for named Excel tables, and they are easy to use.
  • Advanced Filters are applied through a command on the Ribbon's Data tab. It's harder to set up an Advanced Filter, but the benefit is that you can use complex criteria, above the limits of an AutoFilter.

To learn more, go to the Excel Filters topic page.

AutoFilter in table headings

Excel Formatting

Format worksheet cells manually, to identify data entry or formula cells. Or, use conditional formatting, to automatically highlight key values on a worksheet.

To learn more, go to the Excel Formatting topic page.

format cells dialog box

Excel Formulas

Use Excel formulas and functions to summarize data, return values from a lookup table, do mathematical calculations, and much more!

To learn more, go to the Excel Formulas topic page.

custom number format

Excel Macros

Use Excel macros to automate routine tasks, so you can save time while you work. Record and edit your own macros, or use code that you find here on my Contextures site.

To learn more, go to the Excel Macros topic page.

macro shows message box

Excel Pivot Tables

Use Excel Pivot Tables to quickly summarize data from a list or Excel table. See how to get started, then learn more about the power of pivot tables!

To learn more, go to the Excel Pivot Table topic page.

calculated field in pivot table

Excel Structure

Tips for Excel workbooks, worksheets, names, comments, and objects. Troubleshoot errors, add comments, set up named ranges, freeze panes, and more.

To learn more, go to the Excel Structure topic page.

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