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List of online Excel help forums and other resources where you can search for answers, or ask Excel questions, and experts may be able to assist you. Tips for asking questions, so people can give you better help.

Author: Debra Dalgleish

Microsoft Excel Newsgroups

In the "good old days", there were Excel newsgroups, hosted on Microsoft servers, and you could ask your Excel qustions there. People from all around the world participated in those newsgroups, and you could get help 24 hours a day, and 7 days a week!

However, back in June 2010, Microsoft shut down their newsgroup servers, where thousands of people every month had gone to ask and answer Excel questions, and the Excel newsgroups disappeared.

Previously, this page had annual statistics for the old Excel Newsgroups postings. Microsoft shut down those servers in June 2010. If you'd like to see the annual totals for the newsgroup posting statistics from 2001 to 2008, please go to the following page:

Where to Get Excel Help Now

Since the newsgroups disappeared, several people have emailed me, to find out where they can get Excel help now. If you're stuck on an Excel formula, or need help with an Excel macro, where can you post a question?

Listed below are several forums that are highly active, with experts checking the question boards,around the clock. There are a few other resources listed too, where you might find the Excel information that you need.

How to Get Good Answers

Before you start asking questions in any of the forums or newsgroups, here are a few suggestions for getting the best results. Good questions, clearly explained, are more likely to get quick, helpful answers.

I've answered thousands of Excel newsgroup questions, over the years, and I recommend that you try these tips:

  • search the forum first, to see if your question has already been answered
  • some forums have multiple sections for questions — read the overviews, and select the best venue for your question
  • in your question, provide context, such as what version of Excel and operating system, any error messages, etc., and show some sample data, if possible
  • explain what you’ve tried so far, and other suggested solutions that didn’t solve the problem (include links to those suggestions, if possible)
  • check back frequently, to read any replies and answer any follow up questions
  • even if you’re frustrated, stay calm and polite, and remember to thank the people who helped, or tried to help you

Microsoft Forums

A great place to start, if you need Excel help, is on the Microsoft website. You can post your question in one of the following web-based help forums that Microsoft has set up. There are hundreds of volunteers answering questions, as well as Microsoft staff and contractors.

-- Answers

-- Technet

-- MSDN (Excel Developers)

NOTE: To post a question or answer in the Microsoft forums, you’ll need to register, and sign in, using a Microsoft account.

Video: Microsoft Community

This short video, from Microsoft, see a quick overview of the Microsoft Community forums, where you can get ask questions, or search for answers.

More Excel Forums

Here are a few more Excel forums where you can ask questions, and help other people, by answering their questions.

Mr. Excel Forum

Excel Forum

Excel Guru Forum

Chandoo Forum

Excel Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

The Excel Application and Excel Files

Worksheet Functions and Formats

Dates and Times

Macros, VBA Functions

Pivot Tables and Pivot Charts

I didn't find my answer here, now what?

Good Resources on the Web

Other Help Resources


When I look for help with an Excel programming problem, I often find a solution on the Stackoverflow.com site.

To find what you need:

  • Go to the Google Search page
  • Type a few words about what you need help with
  • Use the site parameter, to limit the search results to the StackOverflow site.

For example: excel 1004 error   site:stackoverflow.com

Microsoft Support Pages

Another good place to search for Excel solutions is the collection of Microsoft Support pages.

Use the same techniques as searching for help in StackOverflow (shown above)

For example: excel 1004 error   site:support.microsoft.com

Mailing Lists

Mailing lists are another resource that has been around for decades.

For example, you can ask questions on the Excel-L list.

Google Search

If your search skills are good, you can use Google Search to find an answer to your Excel questions, with or without specifying a site in your search query.

For example: excel drop down list site:contextures.com

or: excel drop down list

Google Groups Search

Or, go to Google Groups, and look for Excel topics there. You don't need to belong to any groups, unless you want ask a question. You can search the groups, without signing up.

For example, this link takes you to the microsoft.public.excel.misc group, where you can see the latest questions. There is a search box at the top of the page, where you can type a few keywords, to find what you need.

More Microsoft Resources

There are plenty of training resources on the Microsoft site, including some for Office 365.

Microsoft Learn

Excel Video Training

Channel 9 – Excel Essentials Video Course


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